Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lunch was so Western inspired. I loved it very much. Warm spinach mushroom salad.

Ingredients: 1 cup Organic spinach leaves, 5 white button mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, ground coriander and sea salt, chia seeds, a tablespoon of cashew butter
I went to Dhoby gaut after that to walk around. Came across Xndo and obviously, this Xndo lover (me) had to take a peek. This box of fruit nut bars were on offer (126cal per bar). Ingredient make up was pretty healthy, so I grabbed a box without thinking. To accompany my purchase, I bought an apple drink which supposedly minimizes the absorption of fat during high-fat meals. I think it will be great if it works. Apparently, according to my nutritional analysis at BodyInc, my fat "clots" are more than twice of a healthy human being. Must be all those occasional yet too often binges. Totally hating it now.
Dinner was really tummy-warming. Mummy boiled Herbal black chicken soup for me. She started cooking it at 2ish in the afternoon, all the way till 6 in the evening. Soup of love, 爱心烫! She added Dang shen, ginseng, wolfberries, red dates, honey date and one more rectangular looking herb I don't know what. So yummy! I love eating fresh chicken! Of course, the drum stick for yours truly :) On the side, I gently stir-fry sunflower sprouts in rice bran oil and stirred in Lee Kum Kee's hoisin sauce. Simple and satisfying dinner.
I just busted my day with this night snack. Unfamiliarity goes in two very separate directions. I had sliced pineapple with goat's cheese and raw honey. What possessed me to buy goat's cheese!? It's disgusting! I ended up throwing the cube of it out of my lock n' lock (the name of my container), and I grabbed a Quaker chewy granola bar in cookies and cream flavor for instant comfort. It did satisfy the sweet craving that I'm having. I'm so craving donuts :( Not very healthy isn't it? Lets see how I'm going to get over this craving, or satisfy it in a healthy way.
xoxo. God bless.

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