Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A great eventful day!

Breakkie@740am: Kashi GoLean, Quaker Oatmeal squares, Paul's all natural yogurt, Chia seeds, Blackstrap molasses
I went to the gym at 9ish. Covered 3km brisk walking on the treadmill and 2km on the stationery bike. Got back just in time for lunch!

Lunch@12pm: Toasted Ener-G Tapioca loaf sandwich with raw organic spinach leaves, PB and black olives with a side of raw sunflower sprouts.

Green power, GO!
Bro, Mummy and I went to the Robinsons expo sale in the mid-afternoon.The weather is crazy! It is so hot! The sun pierces right through my skin. I feel like it could be death any moment. More sun guard!!!
I bought a lot of stuff, from food to skin care and even a bicycle! Whee. It's in pink and silver. I love it. Bro bought one too.
Some snacks I bought. Who says I don't snack? I do, just at appointed hours and wisely. I love rice crackers, but most of them are sodium loaded. This is by Yamakawa, a Japanese snack store. I was surprised to see it there. Got it at a steal of $5.oo. The ingredient make up is rather acceptable and at only 61cal for 2 crackers, pre-portioned (I love pre-portioned snacks), it is a dream come true! I have been craving them actually.
Pretzel "rods"! Okay here's the deal. Pretzels CAN BE healthy! Like these. They are made with unbleached flour and minimal flavorings. I am so curious as to how it tastes. One serving which is 3 "rods" is only at 120cal with 10 from fat. How healthy is this! The ingredient make-up had a handful of ingredients. Good, my type! Will review it when I do eat it, once I find a container to store it in.
Snack time@440pm: 2 rice crackers!

Didn't have to beat myself up for indulging in a craving.
Dinner was so filling and healthy in the most amazing way. I didn't get an unwanted bloat.

Dinner@556pm: Japanese germinated brown rice (I shaped it), steamed egg tofu with crabmeat (so tasty with only a dash of pepper and drop of low-sodium shoyu), blanched organic kai lan.

I always cook my rice harder cos' I like to chew.
Now I'm enjoying my night snack@1020pm and prepping myself for GLEE! 2 hours yo'! One XNDO fruit nut yogurt bar with 2 pineapple wedges.
xoxo. God bless.

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