Thursday, July 7, 2011

BEWARE! This was a hungry hungry Thursday.

Breakkie@740am: POST maple pecan crunch, Quaker oatmeal squares, Silk Almond vanilla milk, cinnamon

After breakfast I followed Mummy to the market, yes, the smelly fishmonger market. Got back around 10am and went for a morning cycle with my new bicycle (I'm still coming up with a name for her). It got really hot and I came back for fear of death by sunlight. I had my usual lunch routine; eating lunch, watch under one roof, laugh and enjoy myself.

Lunch@12pm: 2 Ener-G Tapioca toasts smeared with Japanese black sesame spread and Nuttelex, with a side of roasted zucchini

Super delish! Mummy & Daddy loved it too. So I have to share this healthy, quick and fuss-free recipe :)
1. Preheat oven to 200, slice 1 medium to large sized zucchini
2. Place on paper towels to absorb moisture
3. Sprinkle ANY spice of choice.
(Mine was sea salt, black pepper, ground coriander, garlic powder)
4. Rub spices evenly into zucchini
5. Grease a foil with Extra virgin olive oil (or as preferred)
6. Spread zucchini slices evenly on foil
7. Bake minimum 20 minutes, maximum 40 minutes

After lunch I actually ate 2 rice crackers, peckish peckish me. To combat that, I drank Xndo Apple fat-blocking drink.
The mid-afternoon did not spare me as well. I had 1 piece of crystallized ginger from The Ginger People. Divine! Best brand of crystallized ginger I've tasted since young. It is Mummy's favorite snack. A funny heading on the side read, 'made in China- where ginger began'. How tactful is that! It makes 'made in China' look good, for once.
Dinner was so cafeteria style, not Singapore of course. Just that it is x100 times healthier.

Dinner@558pm: Sweet corn soup+ Stir fry xiao bai cai in oyster sauce+ 4 rice crackers... I ate another 2 more after dinner, oops!

Plans for night cycling before a shower was cancelled due to the sudden downpour of what seems to be rains, hmm. So I just lounged around the couch and yea, snapped a picture :)
I got hungry AGAIN at 9pm! Hello, I am so not kidding you. I bought this baby drink at Carrefour the other day. A 100ml pack of Barley tea (ZER0cal)! It brought me through my TV show and I prepared a scrumptious night snack.
Yummy night snack! Paul's all natural yogurt topped with 1 sliced banana, a dismantled goji berry bar and cinnamon sugar. It's almost like breakfast, just a teeny fraction smaller. I am so full in the most amazing way now. Drop dead diva, you're on!
Sometimes you see me mentioning calories or providing the calories count. I guess calories are just a "good to know" kind of thing. Essentially I'd scan through most importantly the ingredient make-up, followed by the sodium/fibre/fat content, depending on what food item it is.

Take for example the goji berry bar I just had, it's at 180cal but with a mere handful of less than 10 ingredients! Whereas Quaker's chewy granola bar may have 90cal, but there are at least 20 ingredients, including hydrogenated oils (NOT GOOD)! Do you really need that much weird stuff to make a palm-sized bar? That is my question.

I've been reading a new food blog and I've become inspired to accept myself. "The first step towards getting somewhere is deciding that you are not going to stay where you are."-John Pierpont Morgan. I do not think I've fully accepted that I have a problem, but I know I've issues. This girl is so amazing, she fights the voices in her head, embarking on a journey of enjoying indulgences and listening to her body.

xoxo. God bless.

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