Friday, July 8, 2011


Breakkie was on an excellent note. I think I'm just gonna call it a delicious mess, as the picture itself may suggest.

750am: Paul's all natural yogurt, Sweet home farm French vanilla granola, Lychee & cinnamon

Mummy had bought a small bag full of lychees for me, peeled and de-seeded them before transferring into my lock n' lock. Convenient lychee. Mummy is the best!
I just lounged around my room the rest of the morning before prepping myself to head to town with my girls Sherlyn and Adeline. We had lunch at MOS Burger, my suggestion. I really love MOS Burger. Tried to up my intake of veggies and ordered, for the first time, the Natsumi beef which is simply, a beef patty topped with tomato and Japanese thousand island dressing, wrapped in lettuce. Disappointing. I love my rice burgers best.
After lunch we walked about before catching a movie, Monte Carlo. I always love moving about after a meal, it aids the digestion, really. Especially with my digestion not being too good.

Dinner was prepared by Mummy because I got home only in time to eat. I snapped a picture but it got deleted through some supernatural means, hmm. Anyway, I had steamed and coarsely mashed Japanese sweet potatoes in nuttelex, blanched edamame & one cube of black sugar.

I'm going through what every woman goes through, so the black sugar helps to boost iron and prevents giddiness, in my case. It also explains my choice of beef at lunch; iron.

Supper is yummy. I look forward to it all the time. There's my lock n' lock lunch-box sized container with the remaining lychee, 1 banana and a heaping tablespoon of PB! Happiness all in my tummy now.
Gonna try out a new recipe tomorrow, "noodles".

xoxo. God bless.

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