Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brace yourself for this long BUT interesting post. Today HAS GOT to be the best day of my life, I really think so.

Breakfast@740am, always with a magazine in hand. Sweet home farm French Vanilla granola, sliced strawberries, Silk Vanilla almond milk, cinnamon.

Vanilla+ Vanilla= I LIKE!
I made my way to Tanglin mall very bravely, intentionally forgetting to pack lunch or wonder what I'm going to have. I'm such a control freak that I kinda freaked out half way through the journey and check up through my phone what restaurants Tanglin mall had. Intention wasted!

I was so thankful to find out Cedele was at the basement, headed straight there and went with my favourite Grilled tofu veggie burger with choice of wholemeal linseed loaf and mustard. That was at 1218pm, I enjoyed lunch thoroughly. The people in Tanglin mall are x1000000 more friendly and polite. Is it because they are Caucasians? I don't wish to stereotype, but I just sensed it [inserts shrug].
After lunch, I headed to a new organic supermarket to explore. This is now my favorite! It has almost everything I've dreamed of having but were unfortunately only available in the States (A380 slated to fly there soon!). Brown rice paradise is the place.

The moment I stepped foot into the shop, I almost lost my balance. A great BAR section greeted me with their wide array of colors and boxes. I was overwhelmed with joy. It was a whole section of bars, like a 'cereal section'. There I spied with my little eye, what I thought I might not live to try, CLIF and Larabars! I just took a good look at the flavors and grabbed them like there's no tomorrow. Product overview below.
Wala! My buys from Brown rice paradise. I spent about $100. I guess that's pretty reasonable given the amount of bars I bought! I can't believe I finally found them. Nonetheless I remain loyal to Four seasons organic supermarket. Both places have products that make me happy.
1. All natural (soy& lactose free) Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Vanilla. While I'm taking Silk's Vanilla flavored Almond milk now (and lovin' it), Blue Diamond has been VERY HIGHLY raved about on quite a couple of health blogs I read. When I saw it, I called Mummy and squealed. Mummy replied, "I better start looking at a house opposite Tanglin mall for you." Yes, she knows this places is for keeps!
2. Munchies. Healthy Times Honey Graham Hugga Bear Cookies. How many time have 'honey graham' and 'bear cookies' tempted me. I have never relented because I don't believe in wasting stomach space on insubstantial unhealthy snacks. These are dairy-free, yipee!

Brown rice marshmallow treats. Ah! Looks so good. My rice krispies marshmallow treats can't be found by Daddy in all the countries he has been so far. These brown rice ones are dairy-free and gluten-free. What an amazing substitute.
3. Mrs. May's Strawberry Almond toppers. Strawberry almond granola looking things? I grabbed them without any second thought. I love the convenience of it being in a ziploc packaging. Gluten-free.
4. [Inserts dance] Wheee! MaraNatha Raw almond butter! Been meaning to try this for so long. Almond butter is my favorite nut butter of all. The Melrose brand I used to purchase just went downhill in quality. So peeved.
5. CLIF bars!!! Okay here is the deal. CLIF's ingredient make-up are not all too healthy, I mean there are quite a lot of ingredients to make-up one bar, and it had 240 calories. A good snack should be at most 200 calories. I can afford the little extra calories and if CLIF is really that delicious, ain't no one is going to stop me. In 3 flavors, I had a hard time choosing from almost 15 or more! Banana nut bread, peanut toffee buzz, carrot cake. I only realized when I got back that peanut toffee buzz contained caffeine. I do not take caffeine, so this would probably be taken in the early half of the day or shared with Mummy.
6. Some interesting finds. One blogger I know keeps these EXACT Justin's items and lives by them. Curious me had to have them too! Justin's milk chocolate & PB cup. I do not eat chocolate and clearly did not think of that when I was engulfed with the desire to covet these items for the sake of it. As well as Classic PB & Almond butter in a single serve pack. I can bring them around just in case. Love portable food.
7. Here comes more bars! Nakd Cashew cookie. It only has two ingredients, dates and cashews. How amazing is that! Totally sold. I'll review it when I do eat it. It's now safely packed with my gold bar collection.
8. Another LUNA! But this time in a better flavor than Smores. LUNA Cookie dough! Again, LUNA hasn't the best ingredient make-up but I do kinda love the taste of it. And unlike Quaker bars, the ingredient make-up does use better quality organic ingredients. Doesn't cookie dough sound divine?
9. Now is the time to worship. I am so kidding! But LARABAR, you have come to me like a ray of sunshine after the rain. They didn't carry the full selection but ample enough for me to make some good choices. Coconut cream pie, Blueberry muffin, PB& Jelly, PB cookie. They are part of a raw diet. It's just excellent the way raw food is made so brilliantly.
10. Final bars from another of my favorite brand, Kashi. One GoLean cinnamon coffee cake bar and another TLC pumpkin pecan. I tried the pumpkin flax one before and loved it.
I came home not very hungry, very happy and... still not very hungry. I made dinner in 5 minutes! I just combined the flavors I felt like eating and made a dinner out of it.

Dinner@610pm: Sardines in Extra virgin olive oil, raw spinach with PB, 1 soft pear.
After dinner, some chinese cashew nut cookies started to smile at me. Mind over matter, I just imagined what the ingredient make-up might me and ran up to my room. I then saw the Brown rice marshmallow treats observing me. I thought hey, intuitive eating. So I just grabbed one bar out of the box and tore it open before my mind could convince me otherwise. It was alright. Not very marshmallow-y but being gluten and dairy-free, I'm just happy.
Night snack was a little heavy given that I was "full" somehow. Women's woes, must be. I had a coconut cream pie LARABAR. It was wow! Good! It might be a little high on the calories (220). But if it is good fat, why not? The body needs these good fat. The ingredients are... dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews and extra virgin coconut oil. I kid you not, it is that simple! It is also, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, vegan and kosher.
Now it is rather late and I am going to retire to sleep. I'm a happy girl.

xoxo. God bless.

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