Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breakfast was weird, I didn't like it. But I ran out of yogurt, which was what I happened to be craving for.

Breakkie@745am: Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi GoLean cereal, 1 banana, Silk Vanilla Almond milk and cinnamon
Still bloated at lunch, so decided to go Chinese. Lunch@12.05pm consisted of stir fry sweet beans and carrots in ginger and organic sweet chili, topped with 1 grilled Taiwan sausage (Newmoon chicken flavor). I loved the spicy kick from ginger. It is my remedy for anything!
After lunch, I went for a pedicure session. I'm not very much into manicures now because they don't last very long, and I enjoy cooking and baking without having to worry about them. Clean, healthy looking finger nails are attractive, no? I love looking at people's nails, especially clean ones :)

After my pedicure, I headed to Fairprice finest around the corner and could not resist getting a couple of stuff even though my sole purpose was to buy yogurt.

1. Taiwan Lychee! Lychee is heaty and look at out weather. But Taiwan fruits are always so sweet, I simply could not resist. Organic strawberries too.
2. Snacks. Barbara's Oats& honey granola bars. Been dying to try this and today I finally grabbed it. It's probably just an organic version of Nature Valley's Oat& honey bars. The ingredient make up is commendable, 190cal per pack of 2 bars, and it's organic! What's there not to love? I bought a box of "chips" too just to stash aside for peckish days. Brown rice rings in original. These rock! The best part is that is doesn't leave you feeling dehydrated and disgusted after finishing the entire pack. I've tried to cheese flavor one before, bought by Daddy.
3. I also bought Farmer's Union natural yogurt and Free-range eggs. They didn't have my favorite Paul's all natural yogurt :( I hope it is good, because I got the 1kg tub! How ambitious of me.

For dinner, I was STILL bloated. I tried to remain calm and not get flustered into panic mode. Made a simply dinner and enjoyed it while watching Hong Kong TVB'S Devil disciples on Channel U. Kinda like that show.

Dinner@6.02pm: Steamed egg tofu with spinach drizzled with Japanese soy sauce and 3 boiled fish cakes topped with peanut butter. Felt like having some peanut sauce, but was too lazy to cook it, so peanut butter will do:)

Now I'm feeling a tiny bit better, so I reached for the Barbara's granola bar. It rocks! Tastes great and the ingredient make-up just makes me happy, seriously. I'm so gonna get the PB flavored one. But my "gold bar" collection is full... gotta wait awhile :(
Drop dead diva at 11!

xoxo. God bless.

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