Sunday, July 17, 2011


Some brief pictures to see what I've had over the past two days.

Dinner of baked organic sweet potato with nuttelex and a side of kidney beans.
Yogurt mess for yesterday and today's breakfast. Both included Farmer's union natural yogurt and Sweet home farm's French vanilla granola (can't seem to get enough of this stuff). Variations was two different combinations. Donut peach with maple syrup, the other lychee with cinnamon sugar.
Yesterday's dinner. So delicious! I ran out of Xndo, gotta stock up soon. Xndo is my maggi mee aka instant food. This was Mango fish rice and I added some blanched pesticide- free xiao bai cai.
Yesterday's night snack while watching 美乐加油 on Channel U, 1 organic red apple smeared with raw almond butter and sprinkles of cinnamon sugar. Just excellent!
Yesterday's lunch, I baked Carob strawberry muffins (process below) in the morning for Mummy and bro's breakfast. Kept two aside for my lunch on the go. These are gluten-free and dairy-free, almost vegan just not egg-free :(
Today's lunch after church. 1 Larabar in peanut butter& jelly flavor, with 1 Dole banana smeared with a heck lot of coconut butter. In fact, after this post I'm going to sleep because I'll be seeing Liverpool in a few hours! In reeaaal life, only for but the second time :D

These were so delicious! But I had two problems.

1. I forgot to buy egg-replacer, a substitute for eggs
2. I ran out of almond milk

Solutions were that I couldn't make these egg-free so I used free-range eggs instead and made my own fresh almond vanilla milk. It was so good and.... fresh! Blended raw almonds with water and added some pure vanilla extract. Then strained the mixture and wala! ABC, easy as 123.
I used organic strawberries that were ripe, so the water content was a little higher, making the muffins a little more moist than it should be, but who cares, pure strawberry essence!
The batter! Don't you just love the look of batters? I could swim in it.
Fresh out of the oven and rocking the entire house with its sweet smelling goodness.
2 for Mummy and 2 for boy. Bro's had his smeared with Philadelphia's strawberry cream cheese. I'm gonna do the same for mine when I make these babies again.
There are things I'm passionate about, and one of these things (aside from breakfast) is baking. Cupcakes or muffins? I say muffins. They may not be as cute but they often have more depth and can easily replace a meal. So far I really like Starbucks muffins and Cedele's too. But most of the time, I like to make them myself so I can include what I like, exclude what I hate and overall make it healthier. My favorite of my creations would be my Zucchini carrot wholemeal muffins. Packed them for lunch almost every week two semesters ago.

Gonna rest and re-charge now. Tika and I are cooking dinner and packing it to the stadium tonight. Like-minded friends. It's hard to go wrong with them.

xoxo. God bless.

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