Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Every single meal today was eaten with much joy and delight. Not that I was particularly chirpy, but that the meals were SO good!

Favorite meal of the day, breakkie~ Sweet home farm's French vanilla granola+ Farmer's union natural yogurt+ 1 sliced banana+ maple syrup+ cinnamon all messed up together. Scrumptious.
In the late morning I decided to use up the remaining organic strawberries as they were really ripe. Strawberry vinaigrette it was.

I used Mizkan rice vinegar, Sainsbury's extra virgin olive oil, whole grain mustard from Zurich and organic sliced strawberries. Stored it nicely in my mini lock and lock.
Why not have the delicious sauce with lunch? I had it with boiled carrot sticks and a vegan schnitzel. It taste so good! From the schnitzel to the sauce and even the carrot! I was extremely satisfied and Under one roof accompanied me to better this joy.
Look how crispy it looks, it was so crispy you wouldn't have guessed there was no oil used in the process of cooking it. I merely do what I do best, pop it into the toaster over for 10 minutes and flipped it halfway through. Polished off the plate with x1000000 satisfaction.
I did not have a pre-dinner snack as I was out with my parents buying a new refrigerator. I am so excited of its arrival tomorrow afternoon! I picked the Hitachi Japan-made fridge. Daddy decided to get a new fridge partially (mostly) due to my constant complaining that the lifespan of my expensive yogurt, milk and other organic ingredients always gets shortened. Thanks to nothing for the fluctuating temperature of our very old fridge. Mummy refused to change it for sentimental reasons but Daddy felt enough is enough, he felt my pain. So we went to get it today before he went for flight in the evening. Don't my parents love me? I think so too!

Dinner was prepared peacefully as Daddy was sleeping and no one else was home (besides LV, who was also sleeping). Had some organic sweet potatoes sitting around so I used them up! Made sweet potato fries outta them, roasted of course. Fried food gets on my nerves. Because I love the natural taste of sweet potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, or 'EVOO' as Rachel Ray calls it (not that I'm a fan, but it's just a convenient name) and sea-salt was all the flavor it needed. 30 minutes at 200 degrees, flipping halfway through. Had it with a side of Athenos hummus, 2 Pretzel rods and a convenient Nuttelex olive pack. It was very filling and satisfying.
Now for my night-snack I'm just munching on Barbara's organic oat and honey granola bar. Perfect way to end the night although I am a tad bit stuffed, but happy nonetheless.

What is your favorite way to have meals cooked? I love it steamed, baked and roasted.

xoxo. God bless.

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