Monday, July 11, 2011

The day was perfect, so perfect right up till I decided to have a binge fest again. I hate this stupid things I do. I am mad at myself but what is done is done. I will make up for my mistake tomorrow with a liquid fast, as well as an acid cleanse at BodyInc once women's woes are over.

Perfect breakfast@8am was Sweet home farm French Vanilla granola, Paul's all natural yogurt, 1 soft pear and a drizzle of Silk Vanilla almond milk. Never get tired of a good cereal :) Something you might not know, I have to wait for the yogurt to reach room temperature before eating it.
After breakfast got swiftly digested, I headed out for a morning cycle; perfect activity. It was so relaxing with the gentle breeze and calmness the morning brings. I love my estate!
Next, the perfect activity. Baking!!! Today I attempted Lemon yogurt cake. It was delicious and healthy! What's my favorite part in baking? It has definitely got to be the mixing of butter and sugar. The two is such a divine combination, simple and almost magical.
Fresh out of the oven after a 45 minutes bake. I left it to cool for awhile, turned it out and cooled it for a little while more. The cake was moist and not oily as half of the butter was substituted with Greek yogurt for a healthier take. It smelt like an awesome American cheesecake.
These cut and cooled babies were then packed and ready to be given out. Of course a portion was reserved for my family and myself.
The oven did good work today. Right after I was done baking, I washed the dishes and got back to the oven again. This time.... roasted veggies! It is my favorite side dish now. Healthy, quick and fuss-free. Today's veggie pick was zucchini and carrot! Carrot is my favorite vegetable by the way. I tried a teeny weeny different recipe from the last time. This consisted of Extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, ground coriander, turmeric and garlic powder. It baked for about a good 40 minutes, hence the charred look which is just another depth in flavor. Yum! Had it with a grilled rice wrap filled with hummus, spinach and 1 slice of WeightWatchers cheese. Athenos is one of the better hummus brands I've tasted so far. Yummy yummy.
Mid-day my pal Tika came over and we just got a little crazy, doing crazy things... as usual. At 4ish the heat was killing me and I had quite enough pouring water down my throat endlessly, so I grabbed a Pink Lady red apple. Instant cooler. Fruits are so good especially during the tropical climate.

Plans for dinner with the cousin got cancelled so I scanned my fridge and made a protein bowl of sweet corn, kidney beans, black olives and grilled black tau kwa topped with hummus and PB. So delicious, I wonder why I overate endlessly after that... Furthermore, I'm coming down with a cold so my whole throat is itchy and the nose is blocked. Nothing stopped the binge. Still wondering. I binged on my lemon yogurt cake, rice crackers, Chinese cashew nut cookies (I gave in :() and Quaker oatmeal squares. So sinful and unbecoming. Punishment? Liquid fast. Oh well. Mistake and consequence. I need the discipline.
So much for my "perfect" Monday. Tomorrow and forever will be better.

xoxo. God bless.

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