Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like my colorful breakfast mess?
I just love my Peter rabbit bowl. This is the new one with a much larger font size. Cute x2! I'm trying a new yogurt today. Technically, it isn't new because Daddy used to buy me Strawberry yoplait in secondary school when I had bad gastric. This is Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt. I still like Paul's the best. Yoplait tends to be sweeter and more liquid-y, while Paul's hit the spot with the right amount of tangy. But while reading the nutritional content, yoplait natural yogurt seems to have more active ingredients to aid digestion compared to Paul's.

The mix up is so pretty isn't it? Sweet home farm French vanilla granola, 1 donut peach, 1/4 cup of blueberries, sprinkles of cinnamon. I put cinnamon in all my sweet stuff because it helps balance our blood levels and prevents it from spiking too high from sweet goods which usually leads to the wanting to eat some more. I love the taste too!

After breakfast I marinated some organic wild rice tempeh with my own teriyaki orange marinade. Just combined 1 tablespoon each of Bragg's liquid aminos (soy sauce/ shoyu would be fine), orange juice and maple syrup. Gently heat over a flame to combine the flavors and then cool. Before adding to the tempeh and refrigerating for 30minutes minimum or overnight if you wish. I left mine from 830am to 5pm.
Lunch was in church, a farewell "meal" for our dear friend Heman who's marching off into the wilderness, I mean army. Look at the "spread"!!! *faints* Even though I suggested it, I did it in the name of love. What else would everyone love that's quick? When I smelt the food, it was just images of their unethical ways and lack of regard for sustainability and love for our earth. Completely uninviting. I wouldn't eat it even if you offered to pay me. There are just some things money can't buy- my values. I had a CLIF carrot cake bar. Went home and snacked on dried guava.
Dinner was prepared really simply and healthily. Barely touched the stove. Baked the marinated tempeh for 20 minutes and the remaining marinade was gentled heated over a flame and thickened with cornstarch mixture, then poured over the baked tempeh. On the side was toaster over roasted broccoli in Criso 0 calorie butter-flavored spray and Sharwoods mild curry powder, as well as Chris's light and fresh hummus.
After dinner even though I might have been a little full, I wanted a sweet treat. Intuitive eating practiced? Definitely so! I didn't want to eat this particular item (Justin's organic milk chocolate peanut butter cups) but since it was in my "gold bar' collection and expiring soon, I just made do. It's a healthier version of Reese peanut butter and chocolate cups I presumed. The peanut butter satisfied, but not the chocolate and dairy! Sometimes I eat chocolate cos' I think it MIGHT satisfy a sweet pinch of me, but it never fails to disappoint and fail me. Sorry Mr. chocolate, you're just not man enough for me.
The trees were swaying and calling out my name so I asked the brother if he wanted to accompany me for a cycle, and got rejected 'cos he wasn't feeling too well. Pushed my luck a little more and asked if he'd mind accompanying me for a stroll to the playground, he hesitantly agreed. Ended up enjoying himself in the end!

Some pics of us goofing around. Brother even asked if we could do the same thing again next week and I agreed most readily of course! I hate how I'm rather sedentary after dinner 'cos I'm glued to the television. An after dinner walk is great.

In fact, I've read that when cravings hit after meals, it is good to take a 15 minute stroll and if your body really does not need the extra food, the cravings will be subdued naturally. My Sunday binges will be overcome!
Brother suggested to have this shot taken from above the slide, kinda missed my balance a little.
Now that's much better!
A new week and new month tomorrow. Health is a journey and our body's very own source of life (besides God of course). If we do not respect or treat ourselves well, years down the line when our body takes a toll on our myopic actions and lack of conscious eating, it might just be too late.

xoxo. God bless.

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