Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Green Monster in the making........
This is an amazing blend of the following.

Black-forest Green Monster
(Dairy-free, sugar-free)

1 cup spinach
1 Dole banana
1 cup dark cherries
1 cup Almond breeze vanilla milk
1 tablespoon carob powder

It was a little to the liquid-ish side because I added in more milk because it was finishing anyway. Did not include protein powder this time round too. I love my Vanilla spirutein blends. Definitely a keeper! By the way it was lunch. Due to a very full dinner out last night, I skipped breakkie and just had warm water the entire morning. I hate missing breakfast :( Hence, that made lunch even more satisfying. Slurp, slurp!
After which Mummy and I finished catching Under one roof before setting off. I went to Tanglin mall's Brown rice paradise, again. Had already forewarned Mummy that I need to spend a heck load of money here in the next 3 months because I want the membership. I'm almost halfway there, would be very close if I hadn't misplaced the very first (and highest spent) receipt!
My buys of the day. Peanut butter & co Smooth operator, which is regular creamy PB, love this brand! Blue Diamond Almond breeze Vanilla. Ener-G seattle brown loaf, which is gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free brown rice bread. Unsweetened carob chips to replace chocolate chips in my bakes. Teriyaki flavored sprouted sunflower seeds. A box of mini Larabars. Raw cashew nuts. Lastly, Lucy's sugar cookie that is wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. I was really looking forward to getting Enjoy Life's crunch sugar cookies but they said they don't carry that. Weird, I remember seeing it the last time.

Headed to BodyInc for the ion osmosis detox for the second time. It was great. Toxins being cleansed out is just wonderful. My condition has made a very slight improvement from last week. Can't wait to see what the coming weeks will bring.

I really did not know what to have for dinner so put up this lip-smacking combination of 2 slices Seattle brown loaf with creamy PB and black olives plus toasted over roasted butter-flavored curry broccoli. SO GOOD!
After dinner was yet another stroll in the park with the brother for about half an hour. A very windy, and lovely evening indeed.

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