Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Been having meals in the backyard kitchen these few days that my maid's not here. It's quiet, peaceful and I really get to enjoy the essence of my meals. I get distracted way too easily.

Breakkie was Strawberry white chocolate oatmeal! Country choice regular oats (much thicker and chewier than quick oats, I like!), Almond breeze vanilla milk, Super sprouts freeze dried raw strawberry powder, cinnamon and white chocolate wonderful. Not bad the powder, tastes like dried strawberries even without all the unhealthy sugar.
Lunch! Is that red you see? Yes yes yes yes! It's dang myun (Korean sweet potato noodles)! Simmered everything in Kallo's organic chicken stock, 1 Sakura fishcake, baby wongbok topped with gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) and white sesame seeds. Delicious! I was slurping up every bit of this healthy dish.

I haven't eaten anything close to this spicy tangy feeling in a long time. I took the big step, but kept every other ingredient simple. I guess this is called moderation and simplicity.
Dinner was a Cedele take-away! I'm becoming intensely addicted to their rice salads. I've never been a rice person but I found out the benefits of rice over noodles, wheat and bread. So I'm trying to make the change now. Today's salad pick was Brown rice millet and nut salad. I added a side of chopped low-acid roma tomato drizzled with balsamic.

I've always wondered why these small boxes of salads were SO filling! Looks like I've completely underestimated them. Look at how much it was when I poured it out! Wow!
A little picture of my baby sleeping tight. He and I are each other's company being constantly left home alone. He is all I need :)

xoxo. God bless.

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