Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breakkie. Blueberry muffin smoothie! Hmm, it wasn't my thang. Tried a recipe off Healthful Pursuit. Basically mixed chia seeds, protein powder, almond milk and oats in a container overnight and blended it with blueberries in the morning. It was really a cake like texture but a bit light for a breakfast. Despite topping it with some Quaker oatmeal squares, it didn't really help much.
Lunch! Look at that! I'm eating a full Western meal, who would have thought. It's true. Chez gourmet's mushroom patty (awesome!) from the toaster oven, low acid roma tomato with a drizzle of Modento organic balsamic vingear and a tapioca dinner roll with nuttelex. A regular Western set meal outside could easily be 700-800 calories, but mine consisted of the following. Check it out, my first real attempt at calorie counting.

  • Chez gourmet mushroom patty: 110cal
  • 1 tomato: 35cal
  • Modento balsamic (1 tablespoon): 5cal
  • Tapioca dinner roll: 100cal
  • Nuttelex lite (1 teaspoon): 22cal

I'm gob-smacked!
Plans to gym were abolished due to the fact that it is a public holiday and the gym'll probably be packed. I was down to school work the entire day (and days to come). Got so frustrated with the figures and numbers that I really needed to just shake it off. Since the cool threatening weather permitted, I went for a leisure 25 minutes jog/brisk-walk around the estate. Came back and did some skipping rope before cooling down, taking a shower and continuing the work.
Dinner! Daddy, Mummy and broddy went out for dinner without me, as I opted to be out. They went to a near-by food center and Daddy did suggest Cedele because he knew I wanted to go there. I was simply too lazy to apply make-up after the nice warm shower so dinner was just LV, the TV and I.

Made myself a damn good bowl of dinner which I thought was so not filling initially but once I got half-way through dinner I was satisfied and kinda full. Dinner was slightly inspired by my friend, Evon. Here's my mix up. A boiled free-range egg mashed together with boiled carrot, minimal sea-salt, black pepper and stirred in with 1 slice of WeightWatchers cheese. Added 1 boiled smart dog (veggie protein links) and salt pepper seed and grains nuggets. Topped it off with the ever so beautiful pesto! I used Biona organic vegan pesto. Vegan= absence of Parmesan cheese. I kid you not, the taste is EXACTLY the same as the original ones with cheese and what not. Same, but different (x1000000 healthier!). Sometimes I think vegan is the way to go. But I'll never make it there, at least not in this span of time. 1/2 Chinese= never be meat-free, at least not at wedding dinners.
Supper!!! Back to the old favorite. Old is gold so they say. I bought these Organic Walkers shortbread fingers a very long time ago. They expire soon so I thought I'd just start on them. Didn't want to deprive myself by giving them to the family. Very fattening little ones. 2 fingers= 170cal! Guess what? I just had 5! Super calorie blower. So much for my efforts in the day! It's perfectly a'okay actually. I didn't binge. That is the most important thing.

xoxo. God bless.

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