Friday, August 5, 2011

BORING breakfast part II. Kinda overslept today. Woke up at 8am and felt flustered. Not like I was rushing for anything but I just do not like the idea of having breakfast at any time other than 7-ish. Threw together whatever came to mind. A rather dry bowl of 1 Dole banana, some dark red cherries, Quaker Oatmeal squares, cinnamon and a dollop of Yoplait natural yogurt. The bloating is back and I have not taken much dairy, in fact almost none at all other than yogurt. Paul's all natural yogurt aids in my digestion, I wonder if this Yoplait one does not do the same and is in fact contributing to the bloat. Sigh.

Lunch was green in the house yo'! I had a late breakfast and I actually got hungry couple of hours later. It feels great to be hungry! There are days the bloating gets to me and I feel so full but I eat anyway and end up overeating because I don't know when to stop since I had already been full.

A funny episode of Under one roof to accompany my 2 slices of toasted Seattle brown loaf bread (made of brown rice) topped with creamy PB, chopped spinach and black pepper plus Xndo okra chips on the side. My favorite character is Paul, he so funny! Sis says I'm just a replica of him, only less of a hard-core health freak.
Went with Mummy for a stroll in Serangoon gardens at mid-afternoon before picking the brother up. We bought some stuff and I managed to get zucchini, organic carrots and hummus for next weeks' meals. I wanted to get pure vanilla extract that I've run out of, but they only had imitation ones :(

Mummy bought me this new product called Optibac from Guardian. Essentially, it is supposed to fight the bloat with healthy bacteria. A very well known item that was recently brought in to Singapore a week ago. It costs $31.00 for 7 sachets which is a weeks' supply. Mummy said if it works, then probably Daddy might be able to get it in bulk from London at a better price. I'm really willing to do all I can for this body to function well.

At 5pm I got hungry. My mind told me to just deal with it since dinner was an hour away. An hour!? I battled the thoughts and told myself that I NEED to satisfy hunger if not I might just overeat at dinner to "compensate" myself. Grabbed a mini Larabar in apple pie flavor! Yummy! It isn't as sweet as the cherry pie one, but it really tastes of apple pie! 90 calories as well, can't remember the ingredients. I presume dates, apple-something, cinnamon, walnuts and one more thing. All in all a delicious bar! The last flavor in the box to try is cashew cookie. Can't wait! There are 12 mini bars in total.
I had in mind some food I had to clear in the fridge- kai lan and wild rice tempeh. Can't imagine what could be better than a stir-fry! Then again I wanted something Chinese at the same time. So I mixed up some weird sauces to form a mixture. Can't really remember what in the world I put in, BUT it was excellent. It was the BEST stir-fry of this year, no kidding. I'll tell you in a bit. So dinne was stir-fry crumbled wild rice tempeh with kai lan and prawns in my special Chinese sauce plus one toaster oven Korean organic rice cutlet!
Sera's special Chinese sauce
no added sugar
serves one

1 heaping tablespoon organic sweet chili
Dash of mirin
Dash of Bragg's liquid aminos (you could use soy sauce)
Dash of sesame oil
Dash of white pepper
Dash of sea-salt
1 teaspoon potato starch
2-3 tablespoon warm water

Mix everything up in a bowl and add to your stir-fry dish at the end.

My stir-fry dish involved sauteing minced ginger and garlic before adding the sauce so there's an additional ginger garlic-y flavor.

I'm really tired today, and still bloated :( Going to try the Optibac tomorrow and see how it goes. Till then....

xoxo. God bless.

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