Sunday, August 28, 2011

My half eaten incredibly and naturally sweet breakfast.

Yogi fresh strawberry crunch granola in Almond breeze vanilla milk topped with chopped strawberries and cinnamon. It is totally how strawberry should taste like. Simple, slightly tart yet sweet. NOT like the strawberry cream filling in Hello Panda! As delicious as it is, it's so beneath the almighty pure, raw strawberry!
My half eaten mind over everything else lunch. I got home at 1240ish, way past my "lunch hour". I could have grabbed any unhealthy thing in sight, or under-eat by having a bar or something. I used my logic of 'when in doubt, have nut butter!' It is filling, a source of protein and fiber, most importantly, it is delicious. 2 slices of toasted Seattle brown loaf topped with smooth operator (creamy PB) and cinnamon, raw baby carrot sticks on the side.
Lazed about the entire afternoon with my laptop. Home alone from mid-afternoon to dinner time. Whipped up a simple dinner of clear the fridge Sunday. So a stir-fry dinner dish it was!

Black tofu (rocks my socks!), kai lan, Japanese leek in Bragg's liquid aminos, honey and mirin topped with teriyaki sunflower seeds. It was a good dinner! Tofu creates a feeling of fullness so it is good to include tofu in your meals. Was this a Chinese cooked salad? Maybe! Chinese cross Japanese I'd say.
I'm excited again about food. The past 2, 3 weeks, in fact month! was a rather sluggish one with constant overeating, birthday parties and cakes, feelings of self-disgust and guilt... overall, NOT GOOD. I'm back on track planning meals for next week.

The year end is just around the corner, that means, more functions, Christmas and the early Chinese new year. Which means, more food! It should be a good thing, getting together, eat and celebrating. But the aftermath is always a struggle for me. So I have to start training my body today and disciplining it. It isn't a bad thing or as torture-chamber like as it may sound. In fact when I eat healthily, I naturally become a better person in temperament and looks (clearer skin). There is never anything wrong in wanting the best for ourselves. Being a single girl and a well-loved daughter and sibling, I fully grasp the idea of 'believing I deserve only the best'.
Night snack: Nestle Aero instant bubbly hot chocolate (99cal) with a side of an uncaptured packet of Hup seng wholemeal crackers (120cal)

xoxo. God bless.

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