Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The day has been so interesting and different. I've realized, being different on some days is no biggy! We have to learn to adapt sometimes. I don't wanna just survive, I want to thrive.

Guess what? I was RAW, till dinner. I wanted to try it out because I have been bloated and needed some natural cleansing. The book I just finished reading did recommend a 80% raw, 20% cooked kind of thing. I am merely TRYING different things every day. Nothing to be taken too seriously.

RAW BREAKFAST consisted of a pudding and a plum. The pudding is so good! Just dumped whatever my mouth felt like having into the blender. It consisted of raw carob powder, a banana, a date, sprouted hemp seeds and 100ml Fiji water.
After breakfast I headed down to the country club gym for a sensational workout! Broke through my limits for various aspects with increased intensity, speed and endurance. Checked myself though to make sure I am performing well within range and not over-exerting myself. A good sweat makes everything a-okay!

Came home for a RAW LUNCH. Lets go tropical! A Larabar in tropical fruit and a wonderful fruit salad. Let me share this amazing wonder here. It looks so harmless and colorful doesn't it? I've taken the application of The Japan Diet and made food palatable with a mixture of colors. Kiwi, mini mandarin orange and blackberries. Now the oomph factor is in the "dressing". Squeeze the juice of one mini lime, add a sachet of Jovia or stevia, add a teaspoon of water, mix it up and drizzle over! So refreshing and awesome.
I had a group meeting in school during the afternoon, after which Evon and I headed to Wombats cafe near our school so that she could have her "lunch" aka first meal of the day! At 2-ish in the afternoon. I wouldn't have lived that long. Here's me, staring at her pasta. Tomato marinara, nope you aren't my friend.
I got home and had a cup of MSC tea while watching a little television. I got down to finishing up The Raw Detox Diet book which is so inspiring and encouraging. It tells us how we should never be afraid to be ourselves wherever we are. Just the thing I needed to hear, especially before the great big wedding feast on Saturday. Sorry, it's N-O to sharks' fin for me. Anyway, I was munching on a RAW SNACK or mini Larabar in cherry pie flavor.

After finishing that book, I went on to read Eating Animals. No, the book doesn't teach us how to eat animals, that would be pathetic. Honestly, I am not sure if I am ready for this yet. At the moment, I do cringe at the thought or sight of people enjoying regular chicken which I believe has been raised unethically, subject to abuse and hormone pumps (un-organic chicken). Nonetheless the issue still remains at large. To eat or not to eat? God created trees, humans, animals and all things. If I have the right to eat this creation, what does that make me?
Well, I'll give the book a chance and see how it sinks in. It has been interesting so far in the first chapter. I got down to dinner real early at 530pm. Mummy had boiled her famous Chinese mushroom soup. Predominantly made up of chicken bone, garlic and one secret ingredient which I shall not divulge, hehe. It's what keeps the magic flavor of this soup alive. I had it with a wholemeal sandwich consisting of spinach, Tofurkey ham slices (vegan ham), nuttelex and vegan pesto.
All's well today. In fact I just finished a mountain of a night snack. 7 WeightWatchers cookies. It's okay, I forgive myself and move on. There's about 360 calories for them all. Now that I'm exercising I feel a lot more liberated. From emotional angst, from bloated feelings and stuff. A day at a time is all it takes.

xoxo. God bless.

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