Friday, September 30, 2011

My eyes are killing me and I want to sleep. So here's a brief overview of my life in pictures and minimal words over yesterday and today.

Yesterday's RAW breakfast. This raw cleansing really works and I mention again, it isn't eating raw food ONLY. I had a kiwi, plum and banana "pie" that was mashed with raw carob powder, maple syrup and cinnamon. Squeezed lime juice over everything and drizzled more maple!
Yesterday's lunch after a kick-ass gym session. Triple decker vegetarian sandwich! 3 slices of wholemeal bread, 4 slices of Tofurkey vegan ham, 1 slice of Weight Watchers cheese, nuttelex smeared generously and vegan pesto. A side of boiled corn. So GOOD!
Yesterday's dinner. I packed a box of raw baby carrots out with me while I went for my Ion osmosis acid detox treatment at BodyInc. Instead of having it for a snack, I had it with dinner. 8 pieces of avocado maki that had seaweed, cucumber, seasonal eel and tamago. Excellent combination and most importanly, dairy-free (mayo-less!). Why I specifically mention seasonal eel you may ask. Seasonal eels are only caught during their peak season hence minimizing the over-fishing of eels or forcefully creating a need for reproduction. The difference in taste? SO MUCH. This is so soft and tender, not slimy at all and you can't detect a single bone, edible or not. Got it from Isetan. Fresh off the hands of an authentic Japanese sushi chef.
Today's breakfast. Half a pear, a plum, a mini tangerine and a heaping spoonful of cinnamon raisin swirl PB. The PB completely "un-rawed" my breakkie but I forgive it cos' it's so delicious. Raw is a preference, not a rule. We should never restrict ourselves. My friend describes her 'diet' best, the SEE-food diet. "I see, I eat," she says. So funny!
For lunch I had intended to steam a whole bunch of vegetables. Apparently my body fought with me. I was just walking down the stairs when a box of coconut egg rolls gleamed at me. Without hesitating, I peeled open one pack and finished it in 2 minutes. Now I paused, the veggie cravings vanished. I grabbed another packet and ate it all. After that more and more cravings surfaced, ate tons of wholemeal bread with heaps of low-sugar kaya and WeightWatchers cheese. Nommed on some other nonsense like cereal, crackers and stupid things that was in sight. The sugar in the egg rolls must have caused the spike in blood sugar and hence made room for ridiculous cravings. I think I had a couple scoops of ice-cream too, something I hate by the way.

I felt so absurd and although after 3 days on intensive workout I declared today 'rest day', I made my way to the gym no matter how sluggish my over-fed body was. Hadn't much time but squeezed in a 45 minute high-impact session with the elliptical and dreadmill. I felt great after that! Exercising is so good, the endorphin produced, ah.. I could just bask in it. Trying to tone up my legs now.. but the stupid tummy flab still lingers around making me feel like impending doom. Success never overnight, I can tell my body is changing and not as metabolic efficient as previously. If you want it, work for it! Love your body and once it senses it, it will love you back.
Some snaps before I headed to church. Then after church at 9pm had dinner with the guys. Essentially I didn't eat at all since lunch binge episode. But I actually felt hungry when I got back at 11-ish. So that's great, exercising does miracles! I had a plum and tons of water. In between the day I did have MSC tea and manuka honey cinnamon water.
Tomorrow's the BIG wedding of the year for me, for the church and for Singapore (they just don't know it yet). Going to have to sleep and be all pretty. Hope pimples of after binge don't spring up on me.

xoxo. God bless.

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