Monday, October 3, 2011

Heyla! It's a start of a new month and I just want to wish my pest I mean BEST couzzie wuzzie, Joel, a Happy Birthday!!! It was a weekend of happy occasions. With Saturday being fully devoted to a wedding which means buffet lunch and 8 cost dinner, yikes! I knew I wasn't going to have much veggies on Saturday, so.... came about my veggie breakfast. Steamed zucchini with green beans topped with juice of one small lime, dark agave and unsweetened carob chips.
Sunday was spent overindulging. I ONLY ATE CAKES THAT DAY, for lunch, snack and dinner. Life sucked. I thought they would bring me happiness, oh the lies and deceit burden me, mentally and physically. I've put on 3kg and none of it is from an increase in rice and whole foods. A weekend of binge can ruin and entire week of exercise and eating in awareness. It is that dangerous. But never fret! It takes about 3 days to a week sometimes for our bodies to recognize the change. So suck it up and you will realize that it's not that certain unhealthy food you want, it might just be the "satisfaction" you felt it could have brought about.

Today, I worked at getting back on track. Some hits and misses but overall I find it an acceptable change after a weekend binge life. Now that was a hard knock life!

Lunch: Raw spinach drizzled with balsamic, topped with vegan pesto and Mary's vegan herb crackers
After lunch my cousin came over for a bit then I headed to BodyInc for my ion osmosis acid detox as well as nutritionist appointment. I learn something new every visit there. Today I even had the chance to share my ion osmosis journey with 2 ladies who were newcomers and new to the machine. I am not extremely knowledgeable, but I share what I feel with the treatment and give my 100% honest opinions.

After BodyInc, I headed over to Brown Rice Paradise to collect my membership card, YAY! Bought some stuff too, never head outta BRP empty handed. The heart and mind forbids.

1. Enjoy life crunch cookies!!! ZOMG ZOMG. When I saw these I could have almost screamed. Been wanting this for so long and they kept telling me they don't bring it in at the moment. I got 2 flavors, Sugar crisp and Vanilla honey graham. These were only found in abundance in Canada as far as I remember through some health blogs.
2. Ener-G brown rice yeast-free loaf, Mary's organic herb crackers and Kaia foods barbeque Kale chips.
3. Artisana raw cacao bliss (cacao butter), Biona white tahini and Maranatha raw almond butter.

Why did I buy cacao??? Cacao=chocolate, yes? Let me just say, its benefits are phenomenal. It promotes the production of endorphins, provides more antioxidents than green tea! My nutritionist makes stuff with raw cacao powder for me and they taste so good, bitter and it has depth. Unlike chocolate. I hate chocolate, period. But raw food just has that added goodness and wholeness to it.
4. More bars!! Mostly raw, some not. All healthy.
5. Lundberg mochi sweet brown rice cakes and date sugar.

Don't the name of the rice cakes sound heavenly to a Japanese food lover? My nutritionist told me to try this out. Simple, spreading any healthy choice of nut butter/spread on it and top it with toppings for a good snack to satisfy any cake or sweet craving I might have.

Date sugar is basically sugar derived purely from dates. So it is an alternative sweetener without the negative effects of refined sugar.
I got home at 6pm and made a simple dinner. After dinner I snacked a bit but I forgive myself. Because I am someone who knows what I want... and it ain't another 3kg from fat!

I just stir fry oyster mushrooms with bean sprouts and corn. No oil needed as mushrooms produce a lot of it's own juice upon coming into contact with heat. I let it cook in its own juices before stir frying it with the other 2 ingredients and added in low sodium shoyu and mirin.

On the side, a rice cake that I had bought topped with tahini which I couldn't quite accept at first bite. So I drizzled a little dark agave over it and my goodness it tasted so good. I think this tahini will grow on me though as it does have a satiating factor.
Made a Raw carob strawberry shake for my birthday cousin. He loved it and I was ecstatic. No one in my family likes the things I make, or at least most of the time. Sometimes they pretend to but I'm not that oblivious. So to have someone I love really appreciate something that I made and love too, is such a strong motivation and encouragement.

xoxo. God bless.

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