Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today started off really bad. It was especially so because I expected a great day! Given that I slept at 830pm the previous night and got up at 7am today. Sleep is medicine, really. I got up, made myself a cup of herbal tea bought from BodyInc yesterday. This brew is MSC (multi system cleanser), it does as it suggests. I drank a cup in the morning and a cup after dinner today. We'll see its benefits as the day goes by!

Decided to have a simple breakfast before heading to the gym, hence, steamed Japanese sweet potatoes. I left it to steam for 30 minutes while I packed my bag and stuff. The gas failed me! We ran out of gas! I think they only got steamed for 10-15 minutes. I hadn't time to wait for the gas to be changed so I ate them semi-raw. NEVER eat a raw sweet potato.
I went to the gym, did about 40 minutes on the treadmill alternating between a jog and brisk walking. Fooled around with the elliptical and 'cycling thing'. I haven't been to the gym in a month and have been binge-eating for a month. It's time to get my act together and fight it out. My body's going seriously out of shape.

I was happy in the gym. So I go really crazy sometimes. For the whole hour++ that I spent in the gym, my mp3 only played 2 songs, Baby by Glee and Give me everything tonight (my George Young song). After an hour, I decided to do away with the mp3 and just relax a little. The gym has Class 95 on by the way, and guess what?! The moment I took of my ear-piece, the radio introduced the song it was going to play,...... GIVE ME EVERYTHING TONIGHT! Unashamed, I burst out laughing to myself and started singing while on the elliptical.

I went grocery shopping after catching a hot shower at the country club. Fairprice finest at Serangoon gardens village. Got some organic greens and fruits. Baby spinach, baby carrots, limes, blackberries, oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, frozen green beans, wholemeal loaf, and a frozen Amy's vegan chocolate cake.

Came home just in time for lunch. I was craving this reeaaally badly. Now I do not usually eat this ordinary wholemeal loaf (Gardenia) anymore as it contains dairy, yeast, gluten and stuff. But you know since I'm not entirely allergic to it, why not. The whole act of X-ing out deprivation for good. Seriously, who craves for wholemeal bread? Ha! I made a "fat" sandwich of 2 slices wholemeal bread, 1-2 tablespoons of creamy PB, cinnamon, "fattened" with a large handful of spinach. On the side a couple of blackberries.
Here are some buys from yesterday when I was out shopping with Evon. Stopped by Xndo, got their newly launched braised vegetarian chicken tang hoon. Stocked up on broccoli crisps, and freeze-dried mango. Evon got a bag of broccoli chips too, upon sampling it. It really rocked!
Bought some make-up for myself. I can never shop for make-up alone! Thank goodness Evon was with me. After testing out the make-up items today, I can safely declare, they rock! Best ever! Shiseido white lucent foundation is so smooth while providing lasting optimal coverage. So is their concealer. I think we've got a winner here! As well as Evon's recommendation of MAC waterproof eyeliner, stayed the whole day without not a single smudge.
Mummy sponsored me this Radley bag which I wanted just to bring around bulky items. I got this blue-grey one. I LOVE RADLEY. It is one of my favorite bag brands, following up closely at second place is Samantha Thavasa.
I ran some errands after lunch and came home to get down to some reading. This is one of the books Bibiana my nutritionist lent me, The raw food detox diet. NO, they are not suggesting I go 100% raw, but on the benefits of incorporating it into my diet. I'm 3/4 through it already and I have gained, A LOT. Wisdom no man in Singapore could possibly tell me!! Snacked on a raw mix of trail mix and golden berries.
Dinner was awesome! No wait, awesome-r than awesome! Sometimes the vegetables in my fridge aren't entirely raw as my mummy doesn't buy organic vegetables, she gets them fresh from the market. She bought my favorite Japanese white sweet corn. The only vegetables I eat that aren't organic are Japanese produce. I steamed the corn for 5 minutes just to warm them up and not entirely cook them. This is a my brother's favorite too, he prefers it raw in fact! Always sneaking bites when I'm getting them off the cob. I also had stir fry broccoli and smart dog in less-sodium shoyu and mild curry powder. Salt and sugar free. Topped with some teriyaki sunflower seeds.
After dinner I snacked quite a bit but all's within a good range. Mummy brought back coconut egg crisp rolls that my favorite paternal side aunt bought for us from overseas. I ate a packet which is about 260 calories I presume. Not many ingredients on the label, but I presume a lot of sugar! I also had 3 handfuls of Kashi Island vanilla whole wheat cereal later on in the evening while watching Junior Master Chef Australia. Two things I love, cooking and kids. They are so talented and blessed!

I wonder if me typing in bulks like this works on my posts? I'm just someone with many words expressed through written means. I do not enjoy chatting on the phone 'cos I seem to run out of things to say. Weird? I do not deny. I love that I can be mildly weird.

xoxo. God bless.

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