Friday, September 16, 2011

First let's start off with something that has got nothing to do with today. Yesterday's lunch! Totally rocked up life. I used to have eggy toasts like... everyday, did I mention before? But they are just too heaty, and oily and.... not my thang anymore. But I still missed the flavor of soft egg and bread with sugar. This is the recipe for my eggy toasts!
Sera's Eggy toasts
serves one
dairy-free, sugar-free

2 slices dairy-free bread (I used Rice-chia bread this time)
1 free range egg
1 sachet of jovia (alternative sweetener)
cinnamon, as much as you like (I LOVE)
Crisco 0 calories butter flavored spray

1. Beat the egg well together with jovia and cinnamon
2. Soak the 2 slices of bread until egg is fully absorbed
3. Coat a pan lightly with oil spray (dairy-free butter would work too!)
4. Pan fry the toasts as you like it

Lastly, add your toppings! I used 2 large strawberries and Justin's honey almond butter.

Next up, today's life. It has been my happiest day of the year so far. I feel so loved by my daddy and mummy. Breakkie was nectarine oats with white chocolate dream.
Lunch at Cedele. I was so looking forward to my water chestnut pumpkin rice salad but it was sold out! Ah, the misery. Settled for this whole grain veggie pasta salad in garlic mustard and oil dressing. It was alright. I used to be a pasta freak in my teenage days but now I feel pasta always lacks a certain flavor as it can't absorb well.
Then Mummy and I went to Brown Rice Paradise to re-stock my very badly depleting supplies. Mummy came 'cos I requested for her to, so I could buy stuff in bulk and not worry about not being able to carry them home. I was so happy she agreed, I really felt very loved. With the purchase and receipts of previous purchases, I managed to get membership here. Can I hear a hurrah!? Went down to Tanglin market place after that to get some organic fresh produce.
The following are from Brown Rice Paradise.
1. Quinoa. A good source of protein.
2. Non-dairy milk stock up!! My one and only Almond breeze Vanilla. Got one in Original to give it a shot.
These two are from Tanglin Market place. The usual rice wraps and newly found Tofurky Italian deli "ham"! Can't wait to try these guys out.
Back to BRP (Brown Rice Paradise), so much easire that way heh? Canned lentil greens in water, canned pumpkin and acorn squash mango soup. Mango in anything, sweet or savory, I love!
Mary's wheat and gluten-free crackers in herb flavor, Ener-G foccacia crust.. gonn' have some pizza making with it :) Plum spinach basil baby pesto that was on offer looked interesting.
Baking supplies. Baking soda, baking powder, brown rice syrup to facilitate my raw and vegan baking adventures to come.
Nut butters where art thou! They have been running dangerously low and I felt insecure. Oh the love affair! Got the usual two of Smooth operator from Peanut butter & co, and Justin's honey almond butter. BRP brought in a new flavor for Peanut butter & co which I have requested previously, Cinnamon raisin swirl. Can't wait to try it.
Back to Tanglin market place. Yogurt! Boy have I missed them. These two brands are highly raved about on health blogs. After trying Oikos, I fell in love immediately. Now on to Chobani, the legendary Greek yogurt.
BRP's usual stock ups, mini larabars and normal sized larabars, a raw cashew spirulina bar caught my eye, so I grabbed one to try.
Tanglin market place's fresh produce. Japanese sweet potatoes, eggplant and kabocha (pumpkin). Organic baby spinach leaves, two types of broccoli and zucchini. All hail veggies!
After reaching home feeling so happy, loved and satisfied, Daddy came home with a bigger surprise! My much desired Rayban cockpit! I love it's design and color but partially I have to admit it has got some to do with my obsession with pilots, oops! I love you daddy and mummy! I love You God for giving them to me.
Had a raw second half of the day. Pre-dinner snack, a mini larabar in apple pie.
Dinner was another raw recipe, which totally rocked! Raw carrot cake protein smoothie. I added a bit too much Fiji water, wish it was a tad bit thicker. But the quantity totally filled me up! The protein powder was from my nutritionist, another gift! It's the amazing Sunwarriror (not available in Singapore) raw vanilla flavor.
Raw carrot cake protein smoothie
serves one (346 calories)
dairy-free, raw, vegan

1 large carrot, peeled and chopped
1 banana
250ml Fiji water ( I used about 350ml, BIG mistake)
pinch of nutmeg
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 tablespoon raw almond butter
1 and 1/2 scoop Sunwarrior raw vanilla

Blend them all up!

It was a really happy day and what I'm feeling now is grateful, thankful, blessed and just more blessed. I have been having some emotional issues and baggage that weighed me down. It has improved today and I hope it will continue rising. I just have to declare out loud, my God is so good!

Through my blog you might be able to see my passion for certain foods, sustainability and health. I believe we have to be passionate about things in order for life to be fulfilling.

xoxo. God bless.

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