Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hihi, it's me again! Haha, oh my, what a lame entrance.

I woke up feeling sick as ever and guess what I'm about 70% much better now. Isn't that amazing. Here's my intentional meals. Gonna talk a little later more on what health issues I am working on now.
Breakkie was to soothe the entire body and get my system going. So I had ginger oatmeal. It was really "spicy"! I think I'll reduce the amount of ginger next time. These guys were found in the mix.

  • Organic regular oats
  • 1 heaping teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup Almond breeze vanilla
  • 1/4 cup water
My choice of toppings included vegan carob chips and raw golden berries I bought from BodyInc yesterday. They are so good! I love how they are a great snack option as they do help to satisfy and nourish the body which leads to a reduce in cravings.

I had a lot of stuff done in the morning! None of that included cycling, sobs! I doubt I was fit enough anyway. The entire day I breathed through this aromatherapy jar from India which is called 'Breathe', as the name suggests, to clear our mind and nasal passage with the help of their special concoction. Works every time, even when my claustrophobia acts up in lifts and trains, a couple of deep inhalings + a prayer does the job.

Before I went to school I prepared a simple lunch. My throat is scratchy, nose semi-blocked, a little topsy turvey in the head so what I needed was.. NOT medicine, but fresh whole foods that will nourish the body. Had quinoa boiled in yeast-free vegetable stock mixed with steamed baby eggplant, spinach and vegan pesto. So simple yet so delicious.
I had a real busy afternoon with school, casting calls and all. On the way home, while desperately in need of the restroom, yes, I drank TONS of water today and I do have an active bladder by nature. I stopped over on the way home at Thomson Plaza to use the restroom.

Okay, so I made a stop-over... at THOMSON PLAZA! I had to visit Fairprice finest and I'm glad I did. Restrained myself a little as I had lots of stuff in the fridge already. Got a box of fresh black figs (seasonal), a box of medjool dates, a food magazine and... wait for it... KAYA!

Kaya is one of the most precious parts of my childhood memory and it being touted as "unhealthy" made me steer clear. I saw an online video that this particular brand sent in their kaya to Singapore Polytechnic to "healthify" it and it was approved as a healthier choice with 25% less sugar than ordinary brands! I bought that one.

On the way out, I stopped by this sweet store to get some stuff for Daddy, apparently they ran out. But I spied with my little eye active manuka honey lozenges. Grabbed them immediately. I do have strawberry manuka honey drops at home which are in the midst of facing depletion. They are really good! Not only do they calm gastritis when I'm on the move, they are great for soothing the throat too. Just what I needed!
Came home as tired as ever but feeling slightly better after the lozenges and strolling around outside. The weather was kinda loving today.

Fixed a simple dinner which reflects intuitive eating, more on that below. Steamed broccoli and eggplant drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with a little vegan pesto. A side of Ener-G tapioca dinner roll filled with low-sugar kaya. Low is not No, so all things in moderation.
Now as I type this, I'm enjoying a night snack of 1 banana and a mini Larabar in cherry pie flavor. So let's get on to what I've been postponing from the beginning of the post.

When gastritis struck me badly time and time again since the age of 15, I made up my mind to be strict about my diet and ended up having a really restrictive diet. Now I tell myself, there is nothing that I "cannot" eat. Rather, there are just some foods that treat me well, and some that do not. Like raw vs cooked tomatoes = alkaline vs acidic. Some people find tomato sauce sits well with them, it does not with me, the acids have a huge party in there. It is all about trial and error here.

I AM A SWEETS PERSON. Gotta face it and be loud and proud about it. But refined sugars as we know are detrimental to our health in more ways than one. So there is nothing wrong in including little indulgences here and there. Like my healthier choice kaya. It isn't about elimination, but integration. If I slowly add my comfort foods to my diet and "healthify" them, I'm positive the binge obsession will die off eventually because not only am I nourished but I am satisfied as well.

These are just little things I discover on a day to day basis and observation. What is important as put forward by my nutritionist is that we have to eat with awareness. Awareness of why we want to eat a certain food, how the food is derived/made and how will it nourish us. It is not easy but once we get the hang of it, there is not a need to stop and think, it just comes as a natural instinct.

So here's to life and good health!

xoxo. God bless.

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