Saturday, September 24, 2011

T'was it was, a beautiful morning. My day started dark and early at 6am. Here is Saturday and some random past days.

Breakkie was DELICIOUS! A slight alteration done to my nutritionist's raw recipe of carob shake. She sent me quite a couple of raw stuff recipes. Can't wait to try them!
Here's my spin on it.

Raw carob strawberry thick shake
serves one
dairy-free, sugar-free

1 cup raw vanilla almond milk*
2 HEAPING tablespoon raw carob powder
2 Medjool dates, chopped
1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped
Generous shakes of cinnamon

Blend them all together and wala!

*Note: I made my own raw vanilla almond milk. You could use less milk if you want to have it as a pudding. Versatile much? :)

I then left for a place (to be mentioned), but not before packing some snacks to sustain me through the day. Steamed Japanese sweet potatoes, raw trail mix plus raw golden berries, a mini Larabar in cashew cookie.

So off I went towards the unknown. Yes, Mediacorp. The way was tiring, and when I got there I realized competing with others isn't really what I wanted. I believe everyone is special in their own way, and by enabling a competition, it would mean determining the "best" option or person. There isn't any "best", because everyone has their own styles and God created us just as we are. Imagine if everyone tried to be the "best", ever so vaguely defined. This earth would be boring.

Fellow GossipGirl Sheila and I took part in a singing competition (if you enlarge the picture I think you can see round 1's comments). Out of 3 rounds, we made it past 1 and I'm thankful for that. Most importantly, what we took away from it all was that we had a fun time. We both agree this might not have been our 'thang'. We are free-spirited. Ain't no competition or person can box us up. Remember, NO ONE can put you down unless you let them.

Now on to some random meals of the past days I haven't been blogging.

Raw snackage of golden berries bought from BodyInc. It is actually a US import, by navitas I believe. It is SO good. Though I prefer the trail mix a slight bit more. What this does is that it satisfies your body's needs without you even knowing it. Before you know it, cravings are subdued. It works for me though.
A breakkie. A filling one to be exact. Oats with banana and nectarine topped with white chocolate wonderful PB. It was so filling. Dense + dense (banana + PB).
A dinner. So good! I think I wasn't feeling well at that time. My mini rice cooker is not working so I couldn't have brown rice. I had a simmered awesome bowl. Simmered a smart dog, carrot, broccoli and corn in Kallo's low salt vegetable stock. With a side of Mary's organic herb crackers. I'm lovin' these crackers.
This is the best filling snack ever! I remember having a light lunch hence I needed something to keep me filled up to dinner. This kept me way full. Just raw spinach with cinnamon raisin swirl PB. I'm a spinach PB kinda girl, yes I am!
Because I couldn't have much for dinner I had crackers with vegan pesto. Cheese chives oat bites and Mary's organic herb crackers. And yes, that's George Young you see at the back.
Look who's lovin' a PB with (almost) anything combination too. George Young!!!

xoxo. God bless.

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