Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet my wonderful nutritionist, Bibiana! She looks really young doesn't she. I just love her. She is simply too amazing.
Bibiana gave me her share of sprouted hemp seeds when I was talking to her about it yesterday during my appointment. Today when I went to pass her the container after emptying out the contents, she gave me two other powders and one raw carob powder knowing that I have been looking for it. Ever so giving. It simply touches my heart.
On to today, breakkie. I had OIAJ. It just rocks every single time. Especially with my most favorite Justin's almond butter. This IS my favorite nut butter of all. So it was an especially heartwarming breakfast. Had it with a nectarine, almond breeze vanilla, cinnamon and carob powder (roasted).
I went for a breezy morning cycle which only lasted for 10 minutes! Oh gosh. Firstly, the dustbin truck kept lurking around at every turn I made. I was so furious, it didn't take me much longer before turning and heading home.

Came home, relaxed and read this book, my current REALLY INTERESTING read. The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. Bibiana lent this to me. I love the content. It's the kind of book where every page you flip, you discover something incredible that either makes you think or go like "oh! so that's where I went wrong!" Revolutionary truths I'd say.

Do note, I am NOT intending to go on ANY detox diet or a 100% raw food diet. I do know about the benefits and curing means with the help of raw food so I'd like to incorporate that into my lifestyle. It is all about, yes you got that right, BALANCE!
Lunch was a steam kabocha (Japanese pumpkin). I love eating it plain like that, it is so sweet, creamy and simply deliciously filling. Had it with a side of Mary's organic herb wheat and gluten-free crackers,
In the afternoon, fellow GossipGirl Evon and I went to H&M and then to chit chat at Coffee Club. We bought matching furry rings if you can spot them in the picture. I love spending time with her. It's just comfortable x10000000.
After that I went to see Bibiana (not under any scheduled appointment) to collect my raw carob powder and return her the container, even though she insisted I kept it. Yes, my nutritionist is my friend now. I can go and visit her in my free time and chat with her, as a friend, without any fees. She's just so obliging and genuine like that. I decided to have dinner there at their Health-T bar, that's what it is called really. Selection was so not my type, the "chef" and person managing the cafe recommended it and I simply went along 'cos I was pretty hungry. He's really nice and I knew him since the first time I went there, quite a couple months ago. Now I just need to find out his name to have some manners in greeting him next time!

What did I have? Smoked duck ciabatta sandwich. No problem there, as even though it isn't the healthiest choice, it definitely beats and random cafe's fat loaded meals. As usual, I did what I do best, dissect the smoked duck. Nah I didn't, haha, just poked out all the top layers of fats. I just do not have taste buds for slimy fatty things. Don't they remind you of worms? Ack! It was good though on the whole. Complimentary house-made tea from them. Aren't they hospitable?
Came home, lazed around, watch television, snack on durian dodol that Evon brought for me from KL. Love it! But it's pretty heaty so I've to watch mroat and voice with that. My delicate body! Pretty late, off to bed!
y th
xoxo. God bless.