Sunday, September 4, 2011

I only have one thing to say... BOOOOM! It was a calorific explosionistic day, whatever that means.
Breakkie was healthy, 300 odd calories. Swiss premium low fat plain yogurt with blueberries, cinnamon and white chocolate wonderful. Topped with French Vanilla granola. I might have scooped a tiny teaspoon of PB after breakfast and transferred it to my mouth, hehe.
Lunch! I was so unwell after church and Mummy had already decided to buy me my favorite herbal black chicken soup, on the way there, I did something so spontaneous I wonder what drove me to it. I told her to not turn into the lane and instead go to my childhood bakery owned by my kindergarten classmates' mum. I used to live around the area so this bakery was an every other day pit stop when I tagged along with mummy for marketing. Chang Wang confectionery. Everything there is so awesome. No exquisite ingredients but all fresh and so sentimentally tasty.

I bought my all-time favorite pandan waffle. The ones made here are so pandan infused that I could close my eyes and envision standing in some pandan plantation. I went mad crazy and requested for a filling of..... PB and kaya! So unhealthy and fattening. Was I so unwell that I got sick in the head? I also got hynotized by the egg tart sitting at the counter. Got one too. About 800 calories at lunch. BOOM!
As you can see it is a lot softer to the average pandan waffle like Prima Deli's. I still love my Chang Wang pandan waffle. The taste has never changed over the years. Best filling? Kaya and butter!
I felt so full, manageable though, after downing some enzyme pills to aid digestion. But dinner came! Gossipgirl group went over to Sheila's to pre-celebrate her birthday. That was the real BOOM-er. I had something light for myself, a Cedele two bean and chickpea salad. But half way through it, the combination of tomato soaked in some citric vinaigrette made me queasy, as much as I was earlier in the day. I start picking on some other food laid out on the table.
These are what I had. About 5-6 pieces of sushi, a chicken hot-dog, a sardine puff, a piece of lapis sagu and pandan chiffon cake which GG Lav bought for me because she knows I wouldn't touch the curry puffs and chicken wings for nuts, ack! But I did betray myself with mindless eating of sardine puff and hot-dog. I truly understand what the book I read meant, if it's in front of you, you'd still THINK you're hungry when fact is, you're not.

Popped more enzyme pills after but it was bad, I think mainly because of the sardine puff and salad which contain tomato. Fresh tomato if eaten immediately apparently belongs to the alkaline group, as you might have noticed I have included them into my meals over the past week. Any form of cooked tomato, especially ketchup is 100% acidic. To be honest, Old Chang Kee's puffs are terrible. At least until you've tasted Tip Top. I used to have a Tip Top curry puff once or twice a week in secondary school. Being not so much a fan of curry, chicken and deep fried foods, I still like Tip Top. It is THAT good.

I have really been putting on weight in such an unhealthy manner it's not so acceptable. Nevertheless, I'm trying to take on incremental changes in mindset. After all, this isn't Canada where majority of people are health freaks and indulge in sustainable organic living. It is really hard with "pressure" around all the time. What I hate to do is to make up excuses as of why I eat certain things, despite knowing they are unhealthy. My only exception is cakes, and even that, in moderation, as treats or during birthday events are my limits.

When I lost 6kg last year, I did that by eating apparently "unhealthy" food like pancakes, waffles, cakes and pastries for my lunch. I ate no rice at all and had an extremely strict routine of meals. The problems I had then were lethargy, loss of women's woes, anemia, constipation and goodness, it was a painful time. Yet the thing that puzzled me is that I lost weight!

Now, I'm eating better (other than binge days! which shall stop), less refined foods, reading nutrition labels and everything. Is the "unhealthy" weight gain an aspect of the binges? If I ever gain weight, I would wish it to be cos' of an increased carbohydrate and protein intake, NOT binge! So when people tell me, "you can afford it (more weight), just eat!" It isn't as simple as that. If I continue binge-eating, my weight will catapult over the months and years and it will be an issue and the same people will be coming to tell me to lose weight.

Tomorrow in fact I have an appointment with the nutritionist at Body Inc. A one hour consultation which I am looking forward to. This includes customized meal plans and suggestions for a dairy-LESS, yeast-LESS lifestyle. Together with the ion detox and more knowledge on sustainable living and eating, I am sure I will overcome this.

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
-1 John 4:4

This verse may be unoriginal and "old". But as they say, old is gold.

xoxo. God bless.

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