Monday, September 12, 2011

No breakfast due to Hari raya over-eat yesterday. Went for a morning jog, meditated and worship, showered and had a post-jog snack of raw trail mix. Love that stuff!

Here's a little picture of my one and only LV, sleeping the ENTIRE afternoon away. He slept at around 2pm and woke up only at 5, almost 6pm! Weirdo. Must be the cooling weather. Don't question why he enjoys sleeping near the drain, he just does!
I got down to roasting at 11-ish in the morning. Daddy bought from London a bag full of baby salad potatoes. They were expiring in a couple of days- fresh produce. So! I used half the bag to make roast potatoes for the family and myself. Had two mixes.

Mix 1 (Western): Dried oregano, dried parsley, black pepper, sea-salt, olive oil
Mix 2 (Indian): Curry powder, turmeric, black pepper, sea-salt, Criso butter flavored spray

Daddy and boy preferred the Indian mix while Mummy and I preferred the Western one. We got down to work and finished the whole batch throughout the day. I had mine for lunch with wilted spinach drizzled in balsamic vinegar and topped with vegan basil pesto. Yum! Potato and pesto make a lip-smacking combination. I still love eggs and pesto best, for now.
After lunch I hung around the living room with Daddy talking about some health stuffs. Yes! Daddy's quite the health junkie too! Just that he doesn't take it upon his life like I do. But I believe his health is relatively good. If only he had a less stressful job, that would be the most ideal.

He then dropped me off to get myself a pedicure. Wheee. Red white polka dotted fatty toes. Used to resent these guys and found them repulsive. It took me years to realize that these are the only toes I've got. Love them or hate them. The choice is simple.
I came home a little hungry so fixed up a good snack to tide me through to dinner time. Sliced banana with sliced baby cucumber topped with Super Sprouts freeze-dried raw strawberry powder.
Dinner! I had no idea what to eat. Seriously! Cos' grandma had cooked for the family and since I don't or should I say can't eat curry and all these stuff... actually, I just don't enjoy having people cook my food. I like to do the work myself. In any case, dinner was a solo affair. So I just used up whatever was in sight.

Chez gourmet mushroom patty, 110 calories
Tapioca dinner roll, 100 calories
1/2 Kallo organic French onion stock cube in 250ml water, about 10 calories
1 slice WeightWatchers cheese, 36 calories
Sprinkle of dried oregano, 0 calories

TOTAL = an estimate of 256 calories!
Night snack's a little heavy. I just can't seem to do without it, learning to exercise self-control, an important fruit of the spirit in fact! Daddy bought me these pre-portioned WeightWatchers cookies from London. I love pre-portioned stuff! Here's cranberry and orange sunflower seed cookie with 2 oat digestives and a BellyShot in vanilla chamomile flavor. BellyShot's a probiotic aid to assist my sluggish digestive system, this one's vegan made from oats instead of milk.
xoxo. God bless!

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