Saturday, September 10, 2011

TWO DAYS post, not TODAY'S post. I'll post today's stuff later in the evening.

Recently I've been so tired and my eyes have been hurting so I minimized my laptop usage, hence, the absence over here at this space. What I've also been doing is gaining weight, or fat should I say. I've said it before and I'll say it again... if I were to gain weight, it'll be through protein and carbohydrates.. NOT fat! Been feeling pretty upset about it all. But it is a journey, one that I'll be an overcomer.
Lets start with this. 8 September 2011, Thursday's food.

Breakkie: Banana carob chip oatmeal.
Lunch: FRENCH TOAST (with "veggies")
-dairy-free, yeast-free, sugar-free, gluten-free

My most favorite French toast takes a healthy spin with ZERO sugar with the help of a Jovia sachet, rice-chia bread from Sydney, freeze-dried roasted veggies, Xndo broccoli chips, free-range egg and nuttelex lite. It was 392 calories, and scrumptious.
Dinner was weird. Not the food or anything but because I used to have this for dinner last year and felt full but now it didn't manage to fill me up. Either I was hungry or my appetite has improved from last year (which is good).

Dinner: Mummy's chicken mushroom soup and stir-fry black tofu with bean sprouts, carrot and ginger in hoisin sauce.

Look at the oil on the soup's surface! Yikes! It isn't all unhealthy oil to be exact. It is the natural oil from the chicken bones which Mummy used as the soup base. After I snapped a picture I started ladling out all the oil as if I was paid a million bucks to do so.
Dessert: As dinner couldn't satisfy, I decided to be healthy and happy at the same time. Honey soy nut butter, a heaping teaspoon that is. It really satisfied me but I don't know why I binged later on at night for one and a half hours! Ack! What in the world was wrong with me!
Hence comes the next breakfast-less Friday, 9 September 2011. Plans to bake were rescheduled and mission 'clean the entire level one of the house' took place. Binge habits alters my life negatively and I hate it, SO MUCH. Every time it happens I tell myself to stop it, and I mean it. I will say it again. In fact I've been quite proactive with dealing with it. Measures to be shared soon.

For now, lets check out my instant lunch menu.

Lunch: Aunty Trudy's organic classic samosa with 1 baby cucumber.

The samosa was good. What impressed me to buy this (other than it being on offer, hehe) was the pretty impressive nutritional stats for an instant meal. I've boxed out in red the things I usually look out for and they are pretty good. Merely microwaved for 3 minutes, instant much?
Snack was an organic green apple. Then came dinner, instant meal #2. I spent the evening cooking for my brother and mummy and completely neglected my stomach. When it hit 6pm (my dinner time) and I realized I wanted to eat, my mind was a great big blank. Opened the freezer, saw some takoyaki octopus balls sitting around (110cal for 4 pieces), I just grabbed them and put them in the microwane. BUT! The microwave died on me. After 10 minutes of heating, they remained frozen. Seriously! I was hungry, pissed and.... hungry! Resorted to pan-frying them with Criso 0 calorie butter spray and I completely ruined them, though I ate them anyway.

To ease my stress, I put together this mini-bowl of veggie mix to chomp away and vent my anger instead of suppressing it in which may lead to binge-eating for comfort in the long-run. So had some freeze-dried roasted veggies (good stuff!), salt pepper sunflower seeds and grain nuggets and boiled edamame.
For supper I had a cup of Nesvita nestum and about 10 dairy-free Hugga bear Healthy Times honey-graham cookies.

I'm beginning to not be so resistant to dairy products, given I personally buy or cook them. However, dairy still isn't good for you if you read about them on sustainability websites. But reason why I am less vexed about them is because Bibiana, my nutritionist, told me that there are some issues I am dealing with and "sicknesses" which are not completely attributed to medical reasons. Rather, they are more emotional based and I do agree, after analyzing it thoroughly with her.

We learn new things about our body every time and we should remember that at the end of the day, it is about loving ourselves and treating our body with the respect it deserves.

xoxo. God bless.

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