Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Iherb purchase list from the States. It has only been 3 days and it has arrived! Amazing much? I see my love for Iherb growing at a ridiculously rapid speed.

Well, I'm back! My dearest GG Evon stayed over for two days so I have been spending more time with her and less time with my laptop. Here are the overviews of some eats.

Basically I've been snacking a lot due to an increased appetite that every woman gets (you know why). I have tried to keep them healthy however I still don't particularly enjoy snacking. Unless it is fruits.

OIAJ. Oat bran in a jar breakfast with Spirutein vanilla protein powder, white chocolate wonderful PB, cinnamon and tons of vanilla almond milk.
Stir fry whole wheat penne pasta with zuchini and roma tomato with black pepper and Himalayan salt. I may have added a dash or two of some seasonings but I simply can't recall. This was a little on the bland side. It was an eat and run kinda meal, so didn't have time to care if the flavors set in and satisfied.
Went shopping with Evon. Tried some, bought some. Not this Egyptian goddess piece though. It's gorgeous but it ain't quite me.
Cedele dinner. Uncaptured wholemeal sunflower seed loaf shared by the two of us. I had this mini legumes and beetroot patties. Nice! Albeit a little oily.
Rocky road! Or is it rocky mountain? Whatever it is, I loved it. Saturday morning's breakfast. Raw. Baby carrots, buckwheat cocoa granola, cinnamon in vanilla almond milk.
Lunch. Mummy's mushroom rice with my cooked vegetable mix of kai lan, chye sim and capsicum. Just finishing up whatever's in the fridge. Mummy's signature honey fried chicken wings were at the far end, faraway from me. No unethical meat for me!
Evon and I headed to a DIOR Christmas event at Raffles hotel. I received some tickets from Isetan. Only 100 odd guests were able to attend. Front row seats for the gossipgirl and I :)
There was this unexpected catwalk competition which was opened to the floor with a maximum of 8 competitors. Evon and I rushed forward just for fun. It is so weird 'cos we are usually the passive and reserved individuals. I made it right up to the top after having walk 3 times down the same runway that the event's models had to walk. That was of course after a catwalk introductory lesson held by an instructor standing on my left in beige. The prize was more than $300 worth of DIOR SNOW's skin care range. With a $40 voucher I got their night cream from DIOR SNOW as well after the event, paid the remaining value of $105. We had so much fun! Headed to dinner after that. Cedele again! Yipee!
I had a vegetarian burger. Grilled beetroot patty with tomato, lettuce, avocado, chilli jam in my choice of golden pumpkin bread.
Today's lunch solo after church. I have always done things alone, I like it. But after having hung with Evon almost every other day for the past month or so, I have gotten so used to her company that I did feel a little empty. Not lacking just something was missing. I don't get close to people like that, it is my natural instinct to keep a certain level of distance because I know how attached I can get to things/ people. I miss Evon now that she has returned to her home in KL. We never know what the future brings and to find a true friend in her, make up on and off, is truly rare and precious.

I went to Green Room cafe. Yipee. Had all to myself a 3 course set lunch. I missed sharing food with Evon. See, I am just SO sentimental. I think of people all the time. Just that they never realize it.

1. Raw fresh corn miso soup topped with papaya salad and a side of "living" cracker.
2. Strawberries & cream. 100% raw with cashews, beet root, coconut juice and great stuff!
3. Vegan chocolate cocoa bean ice cream.
After lunch I shopped around AMK hub for about an hour and a half before catching the movie One Day that features Anne Hathaway. It was such a good show. Everything about it was so real. I felt like I was in her position in fact. We get caught sometimes, in the entanglement of friendships and love. Of fear and passion. I've never gotten myself fully out of the rut. When I do succeed at it, honestly, I'm wondering who I'll be. What kind of person would that make me? It was said. I cried at most parts and watching it by myself made me realize how much more the film meant to me.
Came home at 6ish in the evening, made some lame bowl. Raw food digested well, as usual. I was craving so badly for carbo. Too lazy to cook rice so whole wheat penne came into action again. With one smart dog link, vegan pesto and crumbs of the raw Kale chips I was chomping on while cooking. After that I had a slice of Amy's vegan chocolate cake and a cup of Yogi tea in green tea kombucha decaf flavor. I love kombucha!!! Just finished munching while blogging on a banana and 3 water biscuits. This week the binge has been steering clear. Although my food intake has increased, the binge hasn't occurred in a raging manner. Baby steps :)
It's on to a new week. November soon in fact. What am I going to do in the week? Probably settle all my birthday stuffs and get my hair done. Relax and get ready to be the happiest girl in the world on the 12 November 2011. Maybe catch One Day again? Nah, that'll be too upsetting. My life in film, tragic. I'm getting the DVD though. It's a worth-it buy.

xoxo. God bless.

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