Friday, October 14, 2011

Hi! Body detrimental state stage 2. Other than gastric comes the common flu and ailments that go along with it. This is my body rejecting my "abuse" with junk food. This is me, learning my lesson.

Yesterday I caught Dealer's Choice by Pangdemonium for the second time and I'd definitely wanna catch it for a third if I had time, unfortunately, I don't. Stocked up on some Larabars and other raw bars too while I was out. I love my "gold bar" collection.
Well on to today, yesterday was yet another Overindulgent day. Pathetic, I was. This is lunch today. Real good whole foods. Little seasonings yet great on flavor. Cooked quinoa with a mashed garlic clove, Criso 0 calorie butter flavored spray, a dash of Bragg's liquid aminos and nutritional yeast. So here "cheezy" garlic quinoa, excellent! With a side of stir fry green beans and corn plus some mock bacon chips on the side for a crunch factor. Absolutely wonderful lunch.
The entire afternoon was spent in the living room with broddy. While he watched UK's X-factor and WWE on his handphone, I continued reading Eating Animals. It is getting immensely interesting I must say! I can be such a softie sometimes. Animals melt my heart.

Snacked on some dried mango, a red apple and drank tons of warm water. The cold kept getting the better of me. Nose like a running tap. Danced with LV in the front porch. Grooving does keep the sick feeling movin' (outta my soul).
I had an early dinner which consisted of stir fry kai lan with corn and a toaster baked vegan schnitzel. Ideally, most almost all of the time I omit salt and sugar from my cooking these days. I usually use low-sodium soy sauce for the salty taste and mirin, honey or agave for the sweet taste. I added a little sesame oil to dinner's stir fry and it took another dimension to the word flavorful with less. Chopped ginger would be excellent but I was too lazy to chop and ginger or garlic. After dinner I had 5 gluten, dairy and nut-free "oreos". Finished whatever's left to get my life back on track.
With my body's rejecting the bad treatment, it is so evident how much my body loves whole foods ever since I readjusted my system over the year. I just crave for crunchy veggies or steamed vegetables. I put zucchini in my oats and romaine with almond butter. It works excellent. Vegetables have great water content and hence it passes through out system really quickly. Natural detox if you ask me. So go on, load up on your vegetables, take a second serving. It sure wouldn't hurt.

More on the book Eating Animals soon, when I'm feeling better.

xoxo. God bless.

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