Saturday, October 15, 2011

My flu is much better now. Slept without the air con as well as used some aromatherapy and drank LOTS of water. Then it was on to this morning. The sweltering heat here is driving me nuts. I had a simple breakfast before leaving to church for worship practice.

Oat bran cooked in unsweetened Almond breeze Vanilla, with unsweetened applesauce, a mashed in banana, maple syrup and cinnamon. Topped with unsweetened carob chips. A good tummy warming breakfast. I have been having solely fruits/tea for breakfasts the past week and I completely forgot how much I missed a good breakfast. It really got me geared up and brought me through the day. That makes me a walking advert for 'Eat your breakfast and have less cravings!'. It is true.
I went to United Square, my favorite Cedele outlet. Collected my Cedele card, yeeehaw! I'm a member now! I have not done anything more practical for myself this year than to apply for this card. I eat here at least twice to thrice a week if I can help it. So lunch today was their dairy-free Moroccan spiced carrot soup and toasted sesame two rice salad. The rice salad was a bit to bland for me, I still prefer their pumpkin water chestnut rice salad as well as their Thai rice salad. The soup, excellent, as always. My favorite Cedele soup in fact which I topped with parsley and black pepper today.
I ran some errands and got home by mid-afternoon. The heat was unbearable.. in fact, it's almost 8pm now and it is STILL HOT. Ridiculous I tell you. I was hungry at 5pm and I asked Mummy if I should grab a snack to hold me up till "dinner time" and she replied, "for what?! Already 5pm, just eat lah!" Haha. So I did.

Daddy bought garlic naan for me and I sampled it before deciding if I should have it. It was so garlic-y, which equates awesomeness! It wasn't oily and I didn't want to "deprive" myself. So more intuitive eating at work. Dinner served up a garlic naan and my own stir fry best-ever veggies, broccoli and purple cabbage. Seasoning included Bragg's liquid aminos, agave, Crisco butter flavored spray, black pepper and nutritional yeast. Yet another full on taste yet sugar, salt-free mix!

The sun hadn't set when I was about to eat, so.... look at that light gleaming in. As though God's smiling and telling me, good job.
Around 7-ish I got a little peckish and nope, no more ridiculous "oreos" gluten-free or not. No more cakes loaded with fats and .... artery clogging nonsense. Just something simple. A brown rice cake smeared with Carobella- a natural carob spread, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Whoopieee! I satisfied my craving without busting my waist line.

I'm not kidding. Most of my jeans are far too tight now. I've been avoiding them like plague.
I know I'm on my journey towards health because I think before I eat. I scan through an entire menu just to pick out something healthy and delicious. I get disgusting when I think of people throwing lard and oil into our local hawker cuisine. That's me, I've changed. I know I may never to be on the same "level" as some anymore; well in terms of food. But we live in our bodies for the rest of our lives and who are we to allow others to dictate, affect or influence how we want to love and appreciate our bodies. For it is, the temple of the living God. I use that to keep myself in check. God created me for His purposes, not mine to destroy.

There is a whole bigger picture out there and I will find some time to pen down my thoughts in this space when my head isn't aching as bad, and I'm not perspiring ridiculously.

Meanwhile, enjoy life! And have your breakfast!!!

xoxo. God bless.

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