Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running through the past few stress-filled, lack of sleep, weight gain and bloated days. I think stress is dominating my life and cramping my style now. NOT good.

Lunch today at Green Room Cafe. One that advocates mainly raw food, Balinese style. My nutritionist Bibiana buzzed me up and we decided to have lunch together and continue our lifelong mission at living healthily in a sustainable manner.
I had this warm (not raw) soup as my tummy wasn't feeling too good. Didn't wanna start off the day with anything cold. It tastes like... the Penang's assam laksa, just without the thirsty after effect due to an overload of MSG, salt, etc. This was clean on the palate and pleasing. With fresh crunchy vegetables, okra, corn and cherry tomatoes. Delish! I'd have this with rice the next time round.

For dessert we had vegan ice-cream. I've NEVER been much of an ice-cream fan, seriously! But vegan ice-cream is creeping its way into my heart. It's creamy yet not overwhelming. Made without the almost too generous dairy (milk, heavy cream) and eggs.
Some random meals over my busy life. The life with healthy meals but way too much snacking. Even if it's healthy gluten-free snacks. Other than my raw bars, I'm choosing to omit all forms of snack now. My theory- if I can't stop, don't start. Why? 'Cos when I tear open a bag of oreos, I do not eat one, two or three, I eat half a pack! No kidding.

Pan-fried tofu salad with romaine, baby carrots in balsamic creme sprinkled with nutritional yeast.
New Cold storage import bread from Silver Bird, wholemeal multi-grain. Sandwich of multi-grain bread with vegan pesto, low-acid roma tomato and avocado. YUMM!
Mummy bought me these. Panasonic's Ionizing hair-dryer and hair-straightener (which I use to curl my ends). Show me some positivity! Loving them so far, pretty good.
Stir fry white asparagus and romaine mix with a multi-grain sandwich of avocado and nuttlex. Awesome stir fry combination and so simple! Just a splash of Braggs liquid aminos, you could use reduced sodium soy sauce, shoyu etc. With TONS of grinded black pepper.
This is my cleansing drink. I had it first thing in the morning. Works like a gem. Have it in between meals too, when I feel like it. The taste is fine but not something I wanna keep having. Green powder made of almost 20 vegetables, mixed with honey spirulina concentrate and water.

While I am laying off the cookies and stuff, I'm trying to detoxify myself with what I had put in these past few weeks. Way too many PACKETS of cookies.
Tonight's dinner. Again the marvelous stir fry combination, this time I added parsnip. Multi-grain sandwich with Tofurkey vegan ham, vegan pesto and nuttelex.
"Butter" + pesto. Ooooh, yummy! KIMOCHI!
While I'm so tired and I need my rest. I just want to stress on our need to detoxify. Other than food, we come into contact with unclean air, radiation from laptops, hand phones and such. Hence we need to release these toxins that are accumulated in our body. NOT through off the shelf pills but through healthy methods like the following.
  1. Raw food
  2. Herbal teas
  3. Moderate exercise
  4. TONS of H20 (water)
Simple easy steps we can incorporate everyday. Start the day with fresh fruit or vegetable juice (FRESH not store bought) and wait at least 30 minutes before eating something else.

Sip on herbal teas throughout the days as your OTHER form of liquid that water.

Brisk walk if you're moving about from place to place. When sitting around the whole day, stand up every 30 minutes or so, do a silly dance or swing your arms and hips around. Even when watching TV during advertisement breaks. Never be stationery for long periods of time. Or so will the fat around your waist.

Take up the challenge to love yourself. You'll see after a week how much your body will love you back. I'm doing that now in fact, starting today!

xoxo. God bless.

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