Thursday, October 20, 2011

So it goes like this..... the day I mean.

Breakfast, RAW and DELICIOUS. The average individual doesn't marry the two words together don't they? I had sliced zucchini in unsweetened almond milk with a drizzle of maple syrup and topped with raw buckwheat cocoa granola. A little sprinkle of cinnamon for me on top. Loving it! Zucchini, FYI, goes very well with cacao or carob and maple.
Bummed around the house in the morning and tried to look into a new dress sense. Literally DRESS sense. I can barely zip up most of my jeans now. It's the muffin top thanks to those late night binges on cookies and starchy food. I forgive myself and move on. By eating healthy regular meals, I'm sure the temporary bulge will settle down and I'll fit right back into my jeans. I develop new motivation every day.

I met GG Evon for lunch before going over to GG Sheila's place where we caught a movie, Eat Pray Love. Lunch at our favorite, SALAD STOP! We simply love that place. Why do people squeal at the idea of salads? I know a good friend of mine who does. He always says to me phrases like, "salad again!?" or "what did you have for lunch,...salad?". There's is an unspoken beauty within the art of salad making and Salad Stop! has got it all figured out.

Evon had the Jai Ho! wrap which she requested for a wholemeal wrap. In it was mixed greens, boiled potato, capsicum, cucumber, chickpeas, cherry tomato and tandoori chicken in a Indian yogurt spiced dressing. The starving victim added a clam chowder soup on the side. Haha. I love soups too, but I'm more of a clear soup person.

I felt like having a salad so I tried their new introduction which has a name ever so cute. Habibi salad! Habibi, I could say this world all day long. It was a mix of mixed greens, falafel (I LOVE), chickpeas, black olives, capsicums. pumpkin and cucumbers in Arabian spiced vinaigrette. It was awesome! My new favorite now in fact. Ain't nothing can steal falafel from me.
By the time I reached home it was 6ish so I got down to dinner. Raw sides of zucchini and baby carrots. I quarreled a little with my mum so before I starting letting my emotions rule I told myself fine, you wanna have kaya, HAVE IT! So a multi grain sandwich it was with less sugar kaya and nuttelex.
As I was dead tired yesterday, I completely unintentionally left out my buys at Brown rice paradise. Bibiana my nutritionist brought me there to take a look at some better brands and good food to include in my meals. I bought some, took note of some for my next trip when supplies run low.

Got some Flackers- flax crackers for broddy. He loves the crackers I've bought so far, all vegan. This time I'm pushing it a little and getting him raw crackers. Hope he likes them! He has been constantly asking me to prepare his meals for him and snacks too. I have been doing them as long as I'm home. Baby steps, I'll make my brother a healthy human!
Raw kale chips. We don't get kale here in Singapore. Most people in the blogosphere recommend kale for it's high nutritional stats. The closest we've got it probably spinach and kai lan.
More raw kale chips. I've tried this brand before and loved it. I love the effect raw food has on my body.
Kamut cakes and my raw buckwheat cocoa granola.
Himalayan pink salt, sweet white miso and Larabar's chocolate range of Jocalat in chocolate coffee flavor. My body doesn't sit too well with caffeine but dark chocolate is a good addition for the body so I'm rollin' with that. Moderation is key.
Some room stuff. My usual aromatherapy relaxation natural room spray and liquid. Two new ones recommended by their staff. Meyer's geranium scent and another aromatherapy in comforting vanilla. I LOVE the vanilla one. It smells like my jar of vanilla sugar.
My life has been busy. I don't even know how time is passing. I'm not looking forward to my 21st party, in fact, it's so bad that I don't even feel like celebrating it. Personally I like to do things myself and just get stuff done in my own timing with my own abilities. Now others are running the show for me because I believe they value my relationship with them (hopefully) as a sister, cousin, best-friend, good-friend and what have you. But sometimes it feels like it is an obligation than something they would want to do. I get frustrated thinking like this. As if I am bothering people. There's 3 weeks to the big day and well, nothing much is done. Whatever that has been settled are the things that I took upon myself to do. All I get is a lack of interest, other than my best-friend who has come up with many ideas for me.

In life we just inevitably find ourselves in such moments. Angst building up, frustration like a fury fire, helplessness and a severe case of insecurity. I never thought I'd say this but I'd like to stop pleasing and living for others for a while. I want to just be me.... I want to just be me.

xoxo. God bless.

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