Sunday, October 23, 2011

A lot has happened within a short span of 3 days. Emotionally, physically. I have put on weight, very much. Many have told me how much better I look but staring at jeans (that I love) that don't fit makes me feel miserable and terrible. My family is making me feel terrible. I am making me feel miserable. What happens when you lose the joy that life once brought you? Where do you go from there?

Here again are random meal shots over the week. A delicious beyond words breakfast. I just did whatever food categories were in my head. Blended up carrots and then stirred in unsweetened vanilla almond milk and maple syrup. Topped with raw buckwheat cocoa granola and cinnamon. Wala, a raw breakfast that tasted like pumpkin pie. I'm not kidding!
Some random snaps. Got my "beautfying" contact lens. The feeling is almost akin to finding out the benefits of organic and vegan. Where have I been all my life without these guys?!
Lunch out at Hougang mall's Kopitiam. Bet someone would kill to hear me say that. It is true, I don't, ever, never dine in coffee shops. Don't question my state of mind, I just don't eat that way. There isn't a 'why?' This is a vegetarian store. I reckon they add MSG into their food because there wasn't any sign that says no MSG. I felt so cheated. But the food was relatively tasty. I had brown rice with black pepper mock meat and capsicum, stir fry mixed vegetables and a small side of chilli. The meal was good. I love how brown rice fills you up without having to end up in a food coma. Slow release of glucose.
I made another recipe. Finally! More cooking. Seldom now, since these days that I've been busy. This is a recipe for Vegan Cheeze sauce by my nutritionist. All the ingredients I used are captured. So simply, just whisk it up. Chee'z'e with the Z meaning, dairy-free and all. Vegan. So delicious. I had it over a simple heaping plate of steamed vegetables.
Supper. Sinfully indulgent. Goodness! I didn't realize I have been indulging every day. There has to be a balance somewhere. Anyway this was so good. Amy's organic vegan chocolate cake.
Some more random shots of me. I love me, I really do. I love who I have become. I love that my love for animals is now displayed on the table. I love them and I don't wish to eat them yet this is a slow gradual change. I still love sushi and seafood a tad bit too much.
I caught BLUE a mini concert at ION the other day. I have always always loved Blue. In fact, I used to dance in my room with the radio on blast mode, to the song none other than.. ALL RISE! It was therapeutic.. in fact I think I am in dire need of it. Shall blast it now!

While that's going on, here's a LATE dinner at Cedele with my sister and cousin. Check out their almost matching spectacles. They are complete weirdos. I had this awesome Gula Melaka Pandan cake. It is heaven. A marriage in heaven, more specifically. As well as caffeine-free green tea. I had a lighter dinner earlier on. Two vegetarian Vietnamese rice rolls take away from The Orange Lantern. So delicious.
So finally it's down to this, TODAY. Haha. I loved today, at least before I came home and another quarrel with the family followed suit. I wanna be vegan, they wanna overeat. There's just a thick (not fine) line between the two. Period.

So Sunday morning I woke up for a good 30 minutes brisk walk and then showered, had breakfast and went to church.
Lunch with GGs Sheila and Evon. Central at Clarke Quay. Love this place for good Asian stuff or even Western too. Most Asian food in Singapore just go crazy with MSG like it's their form of putting "love" into their cooking. At RealFood cafe, like its name suggests, you get straight up goodness. For lunch I had this dumpling soup (vegan) and added whole wheat ramen noodles to it. Delicious! Loved it!!!
After lunch I had Mugicha which is roasted barley tea. It is caffeine-free and aids in digestion. Loved the taste. While Evon got down to doing her assignment, Sheila left to run errands and I got down to my "assignment"; finishing up my books! I've bought way too many. Love them all!
Here are the three ladies of GossipGirls. The other two, missing in action.
I had an early dinner like 3 hours later! 'Cos we just sat there the entire day. Our bill in fact came up to more than $100! It's expensive given the fact their price range of food doesn't go beyond $12.00! Before dinner I had a digestive cleansing drink of carrot ginger pineapple. The carrot kinda overwhelms and I reckon that is why I love it more than usually ginger concoctions. Yummy. I would say it helped with keeping me satiated.
For dinner I ordered this grilled vegetable sandwich which was alright. Nice but after a couple more bites I'd give Cedele an edge over this. While it is packed with more varieties of vegetables, it doesn't taste that put together. I chose this home made artisan yeast-free rye sourdough.
Dessert was their Halloween special. Pumpkin pie vegan ice cream with PB caramel ice cream topped with cinnamon. It was French chocolate which I then changed to PB. I do take cocoa everything now and then but honestly, I'm not a big fan of it. While their ice cream has a thick consistency almost that of normal ice cream, I prefer Green room cafe's vegan ice cream. Evon said the same thing too.
All's well that ends well? Sometimes not. I got home and it was stress right smacked in my face. Most vegan/ health loving blogs that I read have families that support them and are with them every step of the way. Never mind that my family doesn't wish to embrace my love for health, sustainability and the planet. They don't even wish to help themselves with their health take turns at deterioration. I love them, I want the best for them. Don't they want the best for their lives too? Don't the love me too? How can people be ever so myopic. The world is facing such drastic effects due to our short-shortsightedness. How many more lives are going to be hurt with global warming? People just don't see the bigger picture don't they,... or am I too visionary aka farsighted?

xoxo. God bless.

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