Monday, October 24, 2011

There is going to be a BIG REVEAL in today's post so watch out!

I didn't have breakfast this morning as last night I nommed some amount of cookies that my sister's friends' mum had baked for Deepavali. It wasn't a small amount :( So, I'm a cause and effect kinda person. I made a mistake, I make up for it. Drank spirulina drink and tons of water to cleanse my body in the morning, went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and some stationery bike.

QUESTION: Do you get bored while on the gym equipment? I get bored more often than tired.

I got home and fixed up a simple raw lunch. Flackers (flax seed crackers) with raw baby carrots and Artisana's raw cacao bliss. The flackers totally rock! I got the dill flavor and I will get another box when this is done. Which will be very soon.
After lunch I took these antioxidant supplement that I bought from RealFood cafe yesterday. It's acai berries, pure tabs. In it is a months' supply, just nice up till my birthday. I hope to have a good radiant complexion 'cos I've been looking so tired lately. Or have I been putting so much make-up that I don't recognize the make-up less me? Hmm.
I went to BodyInc in the afternoon and did some shopping in town. I bought a dress from Miss Selfridge that is bringing sexy back! I wonder what possessed me to do so. Some other stuff from Mango as well. After which I went over to Thomson Plaza's Fairprice Finest and did my weekly grocery shopping for vegetables (and magazines). This is what I came across around the fruit section. So cute little Halloween pumpkins.
Daddy fetched me and I went home to create a good dinner. Salad! 100% Western. I tend to mix my food about incorporating both Eastern and Western stuffs. But dinner was simple. Arugula leaves with low acid roma tomato, black olives and Sainsbury's goat feta cheese drizzled with fresh lime and balsamic creme and topped generously with freshly grind black pepper. I had it with a side of oat bites. I have always preferred sheep's feta over cow/goat. So this was a little hard to enjoy, but the flavors came together eventually. Ideally if daddy hadn't bought feta knowing I did like it, I wouldn't be eating any of such animal derivations.
After dinner I took the acai tabs and these as well that I bought from GNC at Thomson Plaza. It's from their natural range. Acidophilus, a digestive aid. While I always felt yogurt helped me a lot in digestion, I've cut out yogurt from my life now. At least when I can help it. So I got these to help give me the same effect. It is dairy-free.
So here is the BIG REVEAL. I have been moping on binge eating and gaining weight while people say otherwise. Here is it. Almost exactly a year ago, and now. October 2010 vs October 2011.
I feel there are pros and cons in both scenarios. Yes I have improved on my make-up skills of course, but this weight gain is very predominantly due to binge eating which I feel has no room in my life. So, I able looking to shed SOME weight but by weight I mean fat. The fat that lingers around after months and MONTHS of binge eating. I hope in the coming year 2012, I will be more ideal. Yet what us ideal? Nothing is. It's all a fragment of our imagination. I do know now where I want to be though. So health is my priority and like the saying is for God. Once we place it first, all else will fall into place (that includes my weight).

Health is a journey. Like life we face ups and downs. The idea is the master the concept and get on with life. Don't mope. If you're too thin, put on weight with proteins and carbo. If you're fat, lose the weight and X out those fatty things. If you're slim, maintain it and thank God everyday.

xoxo. God bless.

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