Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay! Run through with me today. I am not feeling particularly insightful but I do have points to drive across. In fact look out for tomorrow's post though as I'll be sharing something real personal that I'm bringing to the table. It's about time.

For some reviews over my meals, interesting stuff mainly. One heck of an awesome breakfast. Looks like baby food? Totally, NOT! Steamed Japanese pumpkin mashed in vanilla almond milk with cinnamon, maple syrup and vegan carob chips.
100% raw lunch. Raw "nacho cheeze" kale chips, raw dill flackers and my home-made raw parsnip sushi "rice". I loved it but ran out of nori sheets to roll them in. Found the recipe on a website and I'll share it the next time I make it 'cos I've seemingly misplaced the random envelope I scribbled the recipe on.
This was the wrong dinner! I was so bloated, lack of appetite and I just can't make right choices when I am not hungry. Ideally, we should not eat right? But then the gastric juices start excreting so it's so frustrating. I dumped a raw salad together of rocket, roma tomatoes in balsamic creme, Himalayan salt and black pepper. With a side of organic seaweed.

Why this meal was bad? I didn't nourish myself well. The idea here is... if you FAIL TO PLAN, you PLAN TO FAIL. I guess this is so prevalent in my meal plans now. I have noticed where the binges take place. Hence this led to a craving for dessert even though I was so full.
I had my grandma's coconut rice thingy, I don't know what it is but it's healthy and steamed. I dumped date and orange sugar on top. Like this wasn't enough, I went on to have Amy's vegan chocolate cake. I WAS FULL. I WAS FULL-ER than full but I just went on. More on this tomorrow. I'm going to make some comparisons to my former lifestyle as well as show you a completely REAL aspect of myself enacted through a video. No kidding.
So I woke up and I didn't feel too sluggish perhaps 'cos what I had eaten last night was considered in the "healthier" category than my normal binges on cream cookies and all. As I'm in the process of completely cutting out cheese and milk, it does help for me to look at cream cookies and butter cakes in a different life. Animals suffered to derive that. Well as with every new day I have new perspectives on eating.


I started the morning with my favorite new random drink combination. I just drink this whenever wherever. It's the honey spirulina concentrate mixed with warm water and aloe vera juice. I don't mean the commercial "aloe vera". This one's bought by daddy from Nature's farm. It's pure aloe vera, hence pretty bitter but lovely with the honey spirulina. Both aid in cleansing the digestive tract.
After which I went for a morning cycle. Got off my bike and did a walk through this park I rarely visit. I liked the idea that I barely knew where I was. Look at how beautiful the morning was, 7ish am. Because it is a public holiday today, the park was crowded! I would go there when it's quieter. I enjoyed myself. That is the most important thing.
Went to meet my bestest (hello) old friend for lunch. Treated her for her birthday which is tomorrow.
Jean-Phillippe Darcis was where we headed to as per chosen by Tika. I had this Waldorf salad which was refreshing but I absolutely felt nauseous with its lemon mayonnaise. I almost barf when I eat dairy now in fact. Tika has a flat white coffee with a Caesar salad.
After her boyfriend and I surprised her with a hotel stay at Marina Bay Sands hotel, I had to rush home to go for a Deepavali dinner at daddy's colleagues' place. It is none other than uncle mano! He has known me since I was born :) I love these nostalgic feelings I get.
They catered and we all know how unhealthy Indian food can be. There is always the usual spread of mutton, fish, chicken, pickled vegetables and rice. I am avoiding farmed animals now so I went with the briyani rice, spicy fish and pickled vegetables. All big on taste and not too good for gastric but I prayed before eating and believed God will let me have a good time. I loved the briyani the most, it is so light but filling. There was barely any trace of grease.
I'm just glad the day went by well. I can't wait to blog for tomorrow and that is something I'm going to face. It might not be anything I can fix immediately but I will do so systematically. I love this blog. It is doing wonders for me!

xoxo. God bless.

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