Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You'll see why...

For breakfast I made something warm which rocked seriously! Warm mango cacao. Consisted of 1 small palm-sized Thai mango, unsweetened Almond breeze vanilla, raw cacao powder, maple syrup and cinnamon. Try it out, it is that good! I told myself to curb restrictions and that is a fine line between overindulging. I had 4 "oreos" that are gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free together with breakfast.
After breakfast my stomach got to work. It slowly protested to the cookies being found in there as I had 3 cookies too last night before bedtime. The stomach felt queasy but I just didn't bother about it.

Daddy got home from London and he bought me some stuff. The most stuff are always for me as usual. These two made me particularly happy. Whole Foods Market Kensington's organic puffed rice cereal and organic oat bran. I can't wait to try these out. I didn't tell him what I wanted as I was mad stressed over school stuff, so he just bought these two out of his own accord.

Aside to these I have 2 packets of Greek sheep's feta cheese, 1 packet Turkey breast ham and 4 H&M tops. He told me he wanted to get me the new Elie Saab perfume but they didn't bring it in, so he'll check in Paris on his next trip. My daddy does show part of his love in the form of monetary means, but hey, I am so not complaining 'cos it works on me. I feel loved.
Lunch I was kind of hungry because my body was rejecting the food through detox measures (if you know what I mean). So I made something warm and healthy. A grilled wrap. This consisted of 2 mountain bread rice wraps, 1 roma tomato, romaine, nayonnaise, nutritional yeast and Tofurkey vegan ham. After grilling the wrap I drizzled a side of balsamic creme. Really love this stuff! It was supposed to be a heart but... oh well. Room for imagination?
After lunch I set off to school to meet fellow GG, Sheila, to talk to Curtin's staff about setting up a badminton club for the school. We were both school team players albeit eons ago. A simple snap before I left my place. With 2 days of adequate sleep, I feel that my skin is brighter, clearer and more rejuvenated. Sleep is our body's greatest skin therapy. I have been drinking tons of tea too, caffeine free and herbal of course.
I always ALWAYS get cuts or bruises unknowingly. Here's one.
After our meeting at school around 3-ish, I headed to town to run some errands and so coincidentally bumped into the other GG, Evon! I walked into Zara being tempted by this ballerina glittery skirt on the display window and she was right smack in front of me in Zara. Fate knows no limits. We moved about a little bit after that. Things I managed to get done today was give out 7 birthday invites! Also bought a Dorothy Perkins pair of boot cut jeans and collected my sistic tickets for Dealer's Choice and 萧敬腾 Jam Hsiao's 2012 World tour concert.

Evon and I sat down and Starbucks in the unforgivably cold weather and enjoyed a hot cuppa. I had their chamomile blend tea which... sucks. I am a Starbucks fan but this is insulting to chamomile. Evon had a hot latte.
I came home for dinner with the family but the food on my plate is never one in unison with them. On the way home my gastric intensified and I felt nauseous, which is a feeling I haven't felt in the longest time. It used to be such a familiar feeling yet now it's completely stranger to me. Feels terrible. I made my dinner immediately which was steamed Japanese white sweet corn, blanched Shanghai greens topped with stir fry shiitake mushrooms and a steamed smart dog.

After dinner I snacked, a lot! It wasn't good particularly because I am already having gastric and that would mean clear plain food with healing properties. I downed 1/3 pack of baked chicken biscuits, 7 oreos, 3 vanilla creme cookies and a slice of raisin bread. All these within 2 and a half hours while watching television. I felt terrible, really terrible as although they were "healthier" variances to normal snacking, but they still consisted highly of sugar and sat which is really bad for any gastric moment. I need a few days to rest and readjust my stomach system. Most of the time it takes up to a week.
Well, I believe this gastric is a result of my MONTH-LONG intensive binge eating "regime". I know this is a sign that my stomach can no longer have the energy to digest the foods and hence causing negative effects like dizziness, acid reflux, gastritis, nauseousness and the runs. It is that bad if you're asking me. I just sat there on the sofa and I thanked God, despite being in tremendous discomfort.

I told God in my mind that I am thankful He is still willing to hold me in His palm. He has always promised me great things for my life although sometimes I have to admit I am doubtful. Yet He has never once let me go. While some may eat like it's the end of the world and grow horizontally, or ruin their internal health system despite being slim, He never allows that to happen to me because He knows that my health and my body is part and parcel of His plan for me. I have to keep it in tip-top form so that He can use me to do His work. Call me unrealistic, I just know it. My God is a great God who does great things through weak people like myself.

So here dear body, I officially apologize to you. I apologize for all the junk I've been putting into you and all the work I've forced you to go overtime almost everyday. I will love you from now on and I hope in return we will work together as ONE BODY, literally. May my mind, heart and spirit be bind as team and receive great miracles from our creator the most amazing artist in the world. If I believe it, I can receive it.

Other than my great purpose that has yet to be brought about, I have my 21st birthday party in EXACTLY one month's time on the 12th of November. It is an ALL WHITE affair so I have been searching high and low for a white dress, a perfect one to match my character and personality. Tried many, searched online and all my attempts were futile...
But of course, I finally found one, which is in alteration right now to fit my body perfectly and it will go through further alterations with my cousin who will bring the dress to life. I thank everyone who has been helping me through this stressful period where I am panicking because I am such a control freak and worry wart. To all those who have been of actual help by making things happen and fall into place, as well as those who have been supporting me emotionally. I feel you and I am ever so thankful and blessed. Even for friends who have already singled out 12 November to be a free day at my disposal, I appreciate it in measures you'd never believe. I am a grateful person.

xoxo. God bless.

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