Saturday, October 8, 2011

It was a beautiful Saturday if I should say so myself. My food digested well. I'm happy. What more could I possibly ask for?

Breakfast was 1 Lundberg sweet mochi flavor rice cake topped generously with cinnamon raisin swirl PB and surrounded by kiwi and strawberry. Delicious and filling.
At lunch I made this huge plate of roasted veggies for the family, including myself. Today's mix was Japanese baby eggplant, zucchini and Japanese shitake mushrooms in curry oregano seasoning (EVOO, mild curry powder, dried oregano, turmeric, sea salt, black pepper).

I also boiled Peter Rabbit's organic rice pasta (gluten-free) and made my own roasted vegetable pasta sauce by blending 1 fresh low-acid roma tomato with a tablespoon of roasted veggies.

After lunch, I had a treat of mini dark chocolate bar 82% cacao.
After lunch I hanged around my room for awhile before heading to the Drama Centre Theatre at the National Library to catch Dealer's Choice by Pandemonium. It is a play that originated in London and is now being re-done by Pangdemonium. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Yes, I went for the play by myself, sat the the third row from the front, by myself. No issue with that.

I have always always loved the theatre and acting scene. It is a very dear part of me in fact. Dealer's Choice reminded me of why I fell in love with stage drama when I acted in Bang Bang You're Dead for a school competition. The rapport between a close-knitted cast can never deceive any audience. These 6 men were outstanding. You knew they loved what they were doing, at least I could tell. Most Singaporeans were nodding away and closing their eyes during the play. How rude and insulting. You don't get the most expensive seat and have a nap, manners please!

At least I was awake throughout and enjoying every second of it. I do have a fascination with the gambling scene, a secret to none I know.
The play ended close to 6pm so I decided to go out for dinner instead of rushing home to cook. Attempting to beat the traffic would equate to attempting to beat my myself. So headed down to Clarke Quay's The Central and went to this organic food place called Real Food cafe. Always wanted to try it out but never really got around doing so.

I sat down, hungry, and scanned through the menu. Since my rice cooker has been down and I have been craving a good bowl of brown rice, I went with miso soup and a side bowl of brown rice. It was so good and filling. The soup had silken tofu, dried mushrooms, barley, wakame, chye sim, carrot and coriander. I wanted to have vegan ice cream after that but decided not to. It would be slightly towards binge-eating 'cos I checked myself and yea, I was full. Anyway, I told myself, the ice cream wasn't going to run away, I could come ANYTIME I felt like having it. So off to home I went, satisfied and nourished. Had some dried mango when I got back at 8pm.
Eating a balanced meal is important. Satisfying our cravings without overindulging. Now that's a tough call. As I like to have nice nutritious meals, I make sure I have them daily. At the same time I have a terrible sweet tooth for creamy sweet things, so I try to incorporate them into my meals too. Like PB and other nut butters. Now vegan ice cream has caught my eye.

Never like ice cream even as a kid. I don't usually take a liking to cold food other than sushi which usually isn't ice-cold anyway. But I love how smooth and straight up vegan ice cream tastes. You know you're getting good stuff. No heavy cream or egg yolks or even dairy!

One tip to curb binge-eating or overindulging is to have taste buds for food appreciation. Instead of rummaging through that chocolate bar or tub of ice cream, slow down. Take a bite, savor, relax and smile. God created so many beautiful things and that includes food. While we may appreciate nature and taking long strolls, the same concept can be applied to food. Have the heart to appreciate and be happy about it :)

xoxo. God bless.

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