Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear all,

I'll be taking or have been taking a blog break. It has been a bad December in terms of health with the bad sicknesses that keep pestering me. I attribute it to the festive eating. It's all linked that way. 2012 will be a life into the unknown. No timed meals, only eating when I'm hungry, etc. Most importantly, shedding some part of the 5kg that I have put on this year due to excessive binge eating. 

I have bought a meal time table so I will be taking note of my food intake. The same old rule applies- calories in, calories out. 

Note I'm still very consciously trying to cut off diary and eggs, derivations from animals. Personally I can't handle diary straight up anymore. Had cream soup, bubble tea and none of them held up too well in the tummy. Cakes are my toughest factor! As of meat, I'm sticking to my Pescetarian- SEAFOOD only diet. Of course not forgetting my much loved plant based and raw meals. 

I'll be back in January which honestly isn't too far away... 2 days in fact! 

Look out for me 'cos I'm coming! A whole new me. A new concept and refreshing lifestyle. I'm not a stick in the mud anymore! Sometimes I don't eat lunch, sometimes I have dinner at 8pm. I never thought this could happen to me, but as long as it doesn't happen often enough, I believe gastritis will be kept at bay. Though it is at work these days with silly fried foods and festive eating. 

I wish the world all the best with health. We can never have more resolutions that those building up in our minds. What we can do is just to BE AWARE. Everyday, every spoonful of food makes that difference. It's either you're one spoon away or closer to your goal. 

There are things in life we can NEVER control and that sucks. Fret not for your body is yours. You can determine what goes in, what nourishes and what works best. So be in control in that aspect and wonderful things will come your way!

xoxo. God bless!

See you in 2012~

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