Monday, January 2, 2012

All in a New Year's pig out

Today was a great day. I pigged out and hey, no biggy. Lets just get on with life because the food was all QUALITY food. I am not overstuffed now or on the verge of spilling my guts out so lets be grateful for that.

This is my dinner with friends Bibiana and Colin as well as Bibiana's son, Leor. We went to Original Sin at Holland Village, highly recommended by Bibiana. We love the marriage of simple ingredients and flavors. 

First up, the 3 of us shared a salad of avocado, asparagus, mushroom, tomato, bocconcini, French beans, roasted pumpkin and mesclun in balsamic. 

Next up, polenta! This was interesting as I've always yearned to know what polenta tasted like. It's corn meal by the way. 

This was the most amazing of all! Savoury tart of mushroom, asparagus, ricotta and thyme.Notice how there are constant repeated ingredients? Well I believe this is so because they do not mass purchase a whole bulk of vegetables and re-use them. Instead they purchase in appropriate quantity and use them as creatively as they can. This is not only cost-effective but also very good ingredients management!

After dinner we had some mushroom pizza and tiramisu. Oh my goodness! PIG OUT! I was not hungry but I just joined Bibiana's cravings. But what's good is that the 3 of us shared every single thing so it makes it a lot better :) and more meaningful.

This was my breakfast. I woke up at 11am! Was supposed to go trekking with the cousin but she called in sick. Aw, hopes dashed at 6am! I was really looking forward to it. 

This 100% pure blueberry juice is a seasonal item imported from Japan. Daddy got it for me from Takashimaya. It costs $38.00 for 500ml. It tastes like blueberries straight up! I love it.

My lunch. Instant food! My fridge is totally empty. I haven't been grocery shopping as when I browse through my schedule, it is lunch appointment, dinner appointment, etc. I haven't had any time to cook at all. So I settled for this organic vegetable porridge and 2 toaster cooked Korean rice cutlets (a staple in my freezer).

My sister nibbled some of the rice cutlet and told me to buy some for her next time. I really run out of ideas to convince people that healthy food is full on flavor and taste. My friend says I eat "bird food" and some others call me a goat 'cos I eat "grass". Life is more than just salads, you know? I just can only feel apologetic that people do not see the greener pastures in health. But it is okay, through me, I can make a difference!

Differences that I have made for 2011 is that.... my household no longer purchases white bread. It is wholemeal only! While wholemeal bread isn't THAT good itself, it is such an endearing change. See, I'm making a difference, one baby step at a time. 

Don't worry if you are reluctant or despise my lifestyle, I am not going to charge in and change your life. You will see me, and you will change yourself if you value the things that make you- your body system and health.

xoxo. God bless.

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