Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello! Good day! It was such a busy day for me and I dare not imagine how I had NO time to eat till 6pm. It all started like this.

9am: Awake and realize I have so little time to shower and get ready
10am: Zoom out of the house and head to town
11am: Reach town and rush for my hair appointment
230pm: Finish my hair appointment and rush to Body Inc for my Ion detox therapy 
305pm: Leave Body Inc and decided to do a little shopping at (Bebe) and (INC.)
500pm: Decide to throw my good friend a surprise visit while she was working

530pm: Leave my friend after chatting for awhile
550pm: Settle down at Jones the Grocer for dinner, my first meal of the day

I get so easily distracted when shopping comes about. So here is my new hair cut and color by a new hairstylist, Kenneth Goh! He is an old friend of mine from church. It is such a small world. I had no idea at all. It was so good to just see someone familiar and entrust my precious life a.k.a my hair, into his hands. He did not fail me :) Do you love my new hair? And new body? Check out my new body shape... kinda loving these dresses these days. I'm not skinny anymore and I'm okay with it. Just got to lose the flabby tummy.

 So this was my dinner at Jones the Grocer. Green puhhhh-lease! Never can a day go by without greens. It's just wrong. Since it looks like a green mess (a delicious one actually), I've broken it down in text on the picture. I've also treated myself to 2 cookies after dinner from Jones the Grocer as well. I'm a sucker for teddy bear anything. 

After I got home, good Lord, I munched on I think 7 or 8 packets of rice crackers. My throat has been dry the past week and now it just got worse! That's what not having breakfast does to you. It cultivates an unfathomable hunger. You don't know it or realize it, but clearly, your body does.

I was reading a magazine today at the salon and chanced across this health article. It said something like... "I truly started losing weight when I started eating". Seriously?! Yes! It is true. While we are being obsessed over calories or low-fat produce, we are completely neglecting our body's cravings and needs. Try treating yourself to a little something of your favorite every other day and see how your body loves you for it.
Don't say "NEVER" nor "FOREVER", these words do NOT exist in health terms. We change as our body changes. With that said, do not follow my eating habits or styles as it varies for every individual. I do not take meat other than seafood hence I do not feel the need to be satisfied with it. I prefer sweet nothings. So I work towards it in that expect. 

xoxo. God bless!

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