Thursday, February 16, 2012

How deep is your green?

Hello! Welcome me back! I've honestly been struggling this whole time. The weight doesn't seem to be going down, the jeans are so hard to squeeze into, the appetite becomes ravenous too! I've cut down on processed food and snacks but I've been eating more WHOLE foods now, which is good... but not in excess. So trying to control portion sizes, chewing while I eat and increase fluid intake.

Recently I've become increasingly interested about LIVING GREEN and my best friend tweeted earlier, a Martin Luther King Jr statement, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Truly it is a beautiful statement. For fear that people find me strange or worst, unacceptable, I tend to close up when it comes to being loud and proud about health, sustainability and how our emotions and body work together. I realize some people do not wish to hear, some do not wish to believe and there are just too many cynics out there.

I guess it's 'cos people don't have immediate death after eating chicken rice or get sentenced to hell, hence it isn't an impending doom situation to stop eating it for any reason at all. I can only hurt inside on their lack of knowledge.

I love to tell my brother things, he loves to listen and eat my "type" of food. But he doesn't see the need to convert to a vegan or whatever it is. I am 100% okay with that, because it is his life, he is responsible for his own mindset and body. I am happy that he did not mock my ideas and beliefs. Because if you truly accept me, you'd never do that. Hence I've been hurt in that sense by some people around me. 

THEREFORE! I choose the route of self-acceptance, self-love and this would work. Here's a picture of me with and without make up. I went out for a brief grocery trip without make up today. I guess I will never be satisfied with how people may love me, superficially and all. But if I love myself , why, I'll feel much better doing the things I do.

WHOLE meals. 

Real food cafe's organic dumpling soup (10 vegetables inside!) and brown rice.
Cous cous with grilled vegan nuggets and Muji instant 10 vegetable Japanese curry with added cabbage and carrot

Fukuoka seasonal fruits. Strawberries and kiwi. Vitamin C to combat the silly flu I'm down with.

TONS of colorful veggie stir frys! Yumm. Garlic and oyster sauce. One was with a vegetarian mushroom patty, the other with 2 instant oat chapatis.

Whole milk powdered cereal
. I make a warm milk mixture, dump in Quaker oatmeal squares (sometimes strawberries) and sprinkle more whole milk on top. This is satisfying and curbs my need for pastries, however, it doesn't sit to well with me causing me to gain unnecessary weight as I cannot process dairy very well.

I will continue "investigating" on how to make this earth a better place. The question I have is, HOW DEEP IS YOUR GREEN? Can we just stop living in the surface and start thinking of the consequences of our actions? Sigh. 

xoxo. God bless.

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