Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quality over quantity

Made some gluten free cinnamon sugar cookie thins yesterday. A little tweak of Joanna's recipe over @ her space. I have conversed with her before through e-mail and she is an amazing person. I love her blog and how real she is. So here's some snaps on my baking yesterday. I had a wonderful time and these babies turned out to delicious yet light on the palate. Tasted like churros in my opinion!

Today it totally hit me. I'M A SOUP PERSON. Sorry, I gotta do what I gotta do... that is... SHOUT IT OUT!!! I used to have soup for dinner everyday but once I eliminated meal (except seafood) from my diet, I was clueless as to how to go about eating because Chinese soups generally all require boiled of chicken parts/bones to produce a flavorful stock. 

Went to Paragon's soup kitchen for lunch (my favorite branch so far) and had their Chef's special French Ratatouille. It was great. A truckload of vegetables. Everything I needed in a bowl. The bread roll however tasted rather stale. Cedele's bread gotta win them hands down when it comes to bread and soup pairing. I'm going to try including soup in my daily diet again. It keeps me so full, so satisfied with so little calories. 

Nonetheless, as I hadn't eaten anything for the day till my lunch at a miserable 4pm, I think the hunger got to me subconsciously so I overloaded on carbohydrates late at night after my Zumba class which is my last lesson. I heard the next intake is already full :( I had a PB sandwich with light cheese, a kaya bun and Oatmeal squares cereal in full cream milk. Holy Sh-molies! Death by carbo! It is insane. I've to stop this insanity because when I went shopping today, I could barely squeeze into a pair of shorts (which I bought anyway). A size bigger would be too lose. So 2 options, either I put on more weight and fit into the size bigger, or I stop eating excessively and fit back into my original size. I choose to latter, very quite obviously!

Recently, as you can see, and as I have mentioned. I've been eating A LOT. Not unhealthy things but scary quantity. I'm so scared looking at my plates. Above is cous cous with boiled asparagus, stir fry garlic choy sum and microwaved fish ngoh hiang. I loathe a meal so sub-standard. I am so much more than this!

A good thing I should say is I've been eating tons of fruits! On an empty stomach! So I don't get sugar cravings anymore. Sweet ripe fruits always do this for me. Yay!

Every individual differs. It is important to know your weakness, your strengths and how to use it all in your favor. I'm a sucker for sweet creamy treats. While having full cream milk and cereal have proven to reduce and almost eliminate all forms of cake cravings, it is not doing my digestive system and waistline much good. So, I'm thinking Greek yogurt. Hopefully that will work better. Next grocery trip should be coming up real soon!

xoxo. God bless.

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