Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keeping in check

I've created a new blog here at It is a more personal space so I will be keeping this blog STRICTLY for health issues, food intakes, health tips and etc. It is a very vague blog so don't get lost in it! Haha! No, it's isn't right for anyone to read it because it is just that personal (albeit vague). So read it at your own interest. I'll leave the address on my side tabs. I hope not to share freely but to be reachable. Everybody goes through problems and issues and I just want to find that ground of understanding. Through my confusion, may you find hope and peace, as I am in search of that too :) 

So back to the foodie yes? Let me log up another time table. I realize it does help me to keep track of my food intake.

845am: Breakfast- boiled Japanese sweet potatoes with Vitasoy (soy milk)
1-ish pm: Lunch at Relish- Roasted pumpkin feta salad, (shared) creamy garlic mushroom linguine
6pm: Dinner- Sainsburys garlic ciabatta + blend of raw spinach, boiled sweet potato, cinnamon and vitasoy

*Snacks after dinner was a cup of nestum with full cream milk powder added in, together with a packet of wholemeal crackers.

Overall I am pretty much satisfied with today's intake. Mushroom linguine was SO GOOD. So well done. I'm quite the expert on creamy pastas, ate them all my life till I stopped recently.

Back on BodyInc's 'Miracal' pill which aids in proper digestion and will in turn have good internal body system which is beneficial overall- for complexion, slimming and detox system. It is really good made up with natural TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) ingredients. 

For me, what I have to learn is portion control. It isn't easy because I was so used to over-indulging. Sometimes I scare myself. Especially since my stomach capacity is really tiny. Clench your fist and have a look at it :) I'm getting the hang of it though. Trying to replace the craving for dairy products with soy milk as soy is thicker than almond/rice/oat milks. 

I also drink lots of BodyInc's herbal tea but my favorite would be their home blend called 'MSC' (multi-system cleanse). It retails in BodyInc so if you do happen to be around Takashimaya, try to stop by and get a jar of it. A little goes a long way and it is really effective. 

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