Friday, March 2, 2012


This week has been so hectic it just flew me by. But I still feel it is a "slow" pace because! Your royal princess (me) is going on a holiday with her friends for the very first time! It took a great deal of sulking and persuasion for Daddy to relent. 

I have been really tired hence have not found the time to hit the gym at all. Such a bummer. But I've done a lot of incorporated exercises like brisk walking home, and basically brisk walking wherever I go, haha! 

Other than that I've been keeping to my CLEAN diet. A little dairy here and there but nothing overwhelming. Zero binge eating and eating till I'm just a wee-bit full. It has been working oh so well! However my busy schedule demands that I don't eat timely meals so.... gastric a little active. Keeping it calm with manuka honey and wholesome food with low-sodium.

Today was a real busy day. I overslept, got up and while getting ready had some fruits. A peach and organic red apple. Mummy cuts beautifully fruits doesn't she? 

 For lunch I only managed to have it at 420pm. So ridiculous but I was that busy! I made a stop over at this French bistro, Saybons and had a broccoli cheddar soup with a mushroom asparagus melt crepe. It was delicious, warm and comforting BUT too much dairy from the cheese and butter. It made me a little nauseous. I am thankful however to have kept my stomach filled.

Came home and later had a simple dinner. 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with mashed finger bananas, nuttelex, sprinkled with cinnamon, Himalayan rock salt and drizzled with agave syrup. Was a good sweet dinner. Bananas on dry toast is a winner for gastric!

On other days I just kept things simple. Had soy milk everyday. Made sure I ate an adequate if not bountiful portion of fruits and vegetables. Just the simple rules. A little bit too many carbs with bread and rice but I let it go.

This was a super greenie I had one morning when I woke up feeling like crap. Nauseous and everything. You'll know it when your body begs for good clean food. So I blended together Sunwarrior raw chocolate protein, blueberries, spinach, alkaline water, ice and cinnamon. It was so good. I'm gonna miss my greenies when I travel.

These are organic frozen sweet potato fries. I just sprayed them with a little bit of Crisco butter flavored spray, tossed them in the toaster oven for 10 minutes and wala. Golden orange delicious fries. Whoever said that fries had to be oily and unhealthy?

Quinoa cereal. Oatmeal squares had me reaching for seconds, thirds and just too many servings. I don't quite fancy this quinoa cereal though it is low in calories and really good on the nutritional scale. It taste more savory than sweet. I'm definitely a sweet person, without a doubt. Tried it with soy milk and blueberries. Didn't particularly enjoy it, but it kept me full.

When I'm out, I keep to simple foods with as little artificial flavorings as possible. Went to this place called The Living Cafe. It's off sixth avenue and I've been so eager to go there. It has great variations of raw food from raw pizzas to raw cakes. I didn't feel like going raw. Most of the time I crave for warm foods, so raw takes a great deal of discipline sometimes. 

I had their brown rice bowl, Mexican style topped with grilled fish. The fish was EXCELLENT. If I could I'd literally sing its praises, lalala. Marinated with herbs and so fresh. It is tastier than fish and chips for sure and of course better for your waistline! On the side a sweetgrass juice. Which is a shot of wheatgrass blended with pineapple and something... can't recall. Was good too.

My body is looking better now, although the weight hasn't gone down... I believe it's the carbo that I ate but did not burn off. The carbo story will be coming up tomorrow before I leave for flight. Look out for it because it is so interesting!

My main concern now is travelling. I won't be able to bring my liquid chlorophyll and aloe vera with me as these require refrigeration and won't stand the transportation duration. I reply on them heavily for detox and cleansing. So when I'm overseas I'll load up on veggies, fruits and A LOT of water. Believe me, water is the number cure for constipation. 

My girlfriends that I'll be travelling with are all foodies so I must watch and have great discipline. After these two weeks of disciplined eating, binge eating is not a way of life anymore. I don't crave for unnecessary calories. So I believe I'll cope well. Definitely bringing my vitamins and supplements along! Haha! My BodyInc custom blend Petal Pillow herbal tea too. I'm so proud to say that health and the wanting to live it is   deeply rooted within me. 

xoxo. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's a bit extreme to use God as an excuse to diet? Any science student can tell you the reason why you need 'cures for constipation' is because you have nothing to excrete out! Fiber from fruits and vegetables is not as crucial as carbs are actually if you want a healthy colon; go research. to me, by avoiding certain foods, you're not appreciating God's creation. I'm sure He doesn't mean for any food to be 'bad'. By putting so much emphasis on what you eat, doesn't it mean you spend less time focused on Him?

陈达玲 said...

Hi. Thank you for your comment. Please note I have NEVER used God as an excuse to diet. And the word 'diet' to me is merely a way of eating, not any extreme stunt.

Everybody's body system works differently and I once suffered from serious constipation due to the consumption of too much refined carbs. We must always try different way to determine what works for us.

By loading up on fruits and veggies, I meant eating many servings of them together with good carbs like brown rice, whole meal bread and so on. I do not mean eliminating carbs at all.

Due to help from a qualified nutritionist, my digestive system is working a lot better now.

Thank you.