Saturday, March 3, 2012

The FATS story

Saturday. Epic busy, as usual. Had a good time. Just doing normal things, enjoying doing things alone, again. I got up went for a facial at my usual spa then had a solo lunch at a Japanese restaurant, went to church, went to get my nails done and went home. So simple and what's so fun doing all these? I have no idea either! Haha. 

In the morning I woke up and had my last greenie!!! Who knows, Kota Kinabalu might have a greenie too! This consisted of Sunwarrior raw vanilla protein, 2 small Japanese sweet potatoes, spinach, cinnamon and alkaline water. I prefer the chocolate protein honestly. Trying to find out what actually goes well with this vanilla one as it sort of has this powder-ish taste.

The facial I did was so good. It is worth $180 at The Tamarind Spa, my usual hideout. Love the place, services and most importantly the products that they use are definitely good. It's a multivitamin facial to help combat my bad breakout recently due to testing of new make-up and facial care products. An important interview is in 42 days so my skin has to clear and improve significantly by then. Probably will do weekly to bi-weekly sessions until April before switching to once a month. I'm not filthy rich but I spend where I feel it is necessary. Okay, sometimes I overspend on clothes (unnecessary). 

Lunch at Shin Kushiya in Serangoon Gardens. I ordered this roasted pumpkin paste salad. I had the warm one before as a side this and it tasted divine. This one was served cold and it disappointed me with all the dressings made of dairy. I'd very much prefer something plain and bold. Also a sashimi salmon roll. Wiped off every inch of the thousand island. I really hate thousand island.

Got my nails done. I chose this earth toned brown. Usually I love medium red or nude beige so this was a daring choice. Wasn't sure at all if I was going to love it but hooray! I really do love it. Check out those eye bags smiling at ya! 

For dinner I had a simple soup. Since I wasn't going to be home for the next four days, I decided to help clear the fridge. In an organic seaweed mushroom bouillon stock cube soup, I dumped in wakame, Shanghai greens, minced garlic, white pepper, and oh, prawn dumplings. I wasn't really hungry. Didn't want to have dairy either which might cause nauseousness, bad for the flight tomorrow.

So now here it comes. THE CARBS STORY. Well in actual fats facts, it is the FATS story with some truth about carbohydrates. Lets have a look. I'm going along with some points Dr. Udo Erasmus has covered in his article. 

1. People think that if they eat fats, they are going to get fat, which is completely untrue. People get fat because of carbohydrates which they don't burn. This is why I tell people, that with carbohydrates, if you don't burn them, you wear them. 
2. When you eat good fats they suppress appetite, whereas when you eat carbs your blood sugar goes up and if it is too high, insulin drives into your cells, and when you don't burn those, it turns into body fat.
3. Carbohydrate addiction is as bad as any form of addiction such as cocaine, tobacco or alcohol.
4. Cooking oils are treated with harsh chemicals including sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid..., then bleached and they turn rancid... etc. 
5. Frying is one of the most damaging forms of cooking
6. When we look at nature, the standard that life sets for creatures is to eat everything fresh and raw.
7. 100 years ago, Mediterranean people did not use olive oil for frying. They first cooked their food in water, drained it, before adding oil because oil enhances flavor and improves absorption of nutrients. 

So lets have a breakdown here. What are good fats? Well, what I have always always known is that good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Bad fats are trans fat and saturated fat.

While there are so many different categorizations out there and we never know whether what we're eating is a good fat or bad fat. Never be too uptight about it. Enjoy your food but be conscious and aware of what you're eating. Soon, your body will be able to self detect good food from "bad" food, like mine. 

What do I eat for good fats? Here goes...

  • Nuts (Raw or baked, Organic where possible)
  • Nut butters (Cashew butter, PB, Almond butter, Tahini, Coconut butter) The least processed the better, go organic, NOT skippy which contains hydrogenated oils, a very big disgusting ingredient.
  • Avocados
  • Sesame 
  • Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and sardines
Good fats do reduce cravings. So before you double guess that avocado, have it! But as always, all things in moderation. That little green guy packs up in calories. However if it is going to keep your nutrient levels satisfied, it might save you the over-consumption of your chips, fries or whatever it is for you. 

Hope this helped. The FATS story was based from an article in Healthy Times, January to March issue 2012, Singapore.

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning. So I'll see you back here on Wednesday evening when I get back!

xoxo. God bless.

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