Monday, March 12, 2012


Oh my. Where do I begin? I have been lost in a trance, haha. Pre-holiday mode. Holiday mode and Post-holiday mode. I'm not enjoying my time back in Singapore at all. Some part of friends and family make it better, but the surroundings, the emotions and everything just places pressure on me. 

I've lost 0.5 to 1kg while on holiday (eating a lot) but as soon as I got back, 2-3 days later I gained 2kg! It is so absurd I could burst out in tears. I reckon that eating in a relaxed atmosphere and mindset is linked to your body absorbing and digesting the food better. Well at least for me, and my girlfriends that was the case. 

I enjoyed my food thoroughly. Everyday I had carbo but we burnt it off efficiently. I had tons of water and herbal tea which I brought along. This eliminated any possible constipation. I had mild to slightly severe gastritis so made a trip down to their pharmacy to self-medicate. Of course manuka honey that I brought along helped too. Their "healthy" food range wasn't much so I tried to stick to simple, un-complicated, mildly flavored foods. Mainly noodles, rice, porridge, oats, soup, fish, vegetables and egg. Here's a little trip collage. I had so much fun I forgot how unfriendly Singapore was. I may complain about my country but it is where I am raised, hence I do not hate it. There are however things that could be better. 

Anyway over my trip, diet-wise, I realized that what you eat is not as crucial as what you do. I ate carbs for every single meal, even for snacks, but I lost weight because I was either exploring the town on my feet, playing sports or swimming. So remember, if you don't want to gain the weight, burn it off. We only need a certain amount of calories (energy) a day, lesser if you're inactive. Every body varies so try different foods, different meal types and see what works for you. In health, it's all about trial and error. Every individual is unique.

Came back and tried re-adjusting myself. Binged on Japanese food over the weekend with friends. I really mean binge, eating 3-4 MAIN dishes at a go. Today I overate again at dinner. It was so bad that my stomach regurgitated acid right up to my throat. I've a small stomach so small frequent meals is the key for me. When I tasted the acid I told myself, enough is enough. Other than that I've been facing external pressures, to be shared later in the post.

Started off today waking up real late, close to noon. Had strawberries to kick start my day. Yummy!

About 10 minutes later I fixed myself a sandwich with white bread. After eating it I realized brown bread would have just been better. Silly of me to buy this Japanese thick white bread. I've been craving lettuce so bought some yesterday and fixed a sandwich with it. In it was nuttelex butter, mayo, black pepper and Himalayan salt. So simple, so exquisite.

Had a wedge pineapple for a snack around 3pm. 

Headed to the gym and did 40 minutes of cardio. I kid you not, totally love that swell feeling in your muscles. We played hardcore volleyball for an hour or so in Kota Kinabalu. The soreness lingered for a couple of days, it was a sensational feeling. Haha!

Got home, had a bunch of black grapes (origin India). Oops, only drawn eyebrows there, no make-up after the gym.

Dinner was grandma's food. I reckon she put A LOT of MSG in the fishball soup. Thing about me is, I gag. I gag when I drink MSG laden things. Never used to but I figured it out over the weekend slurping down bowls of Japanese ramen, maggi mee, etc. I love soup so I naturally drink a lot of it, but when it is MSG filled, I gag. It ain't a good feeling. Along with the soup was wholemeal bread, ladies finger stir-fry and sardine sambal. 

After dinner that was the bomb. Had an overloaded bowl of honey cornflakes with full cream milk and an entire long packet of hazelnut chocolate wafer balls. Totally crappy. I feel so crapped up. The circle I find myself in is the "entertainment" circle. Though even if it's only a toe in it, I feel the pressure. The pressure to be camera ready anytime, anywhere. You cannot have unsightly angles during filming. They sure as hell aren't going to help you unless you're some big shot. 

I love watching variety shows, mainly Taiwan's. The girls and socialites are all slim, thin and just well put together. Albeit 3/4 of them undergo plastic surgery. It is superficial of me to feel pressurized by much external pressures. Still, lets face it. Every girl checks out every other girl. We check out girls more than we check out guys, and as much as I'd like to be 100% comfortable in my own skin, being the almost perfectionist that I am, it is impossible. While I do know contentment, I also know striving for excellence. I eat well, but it could be better. 

Here's a Taiwanese artiste I really like. She's 26 this year. She's not too skinny or plump. She's beautiful because she's natural, in my opinion. She is one of the few who hadn't undergone plastic surgery. Maybe because she is so "normal" in that aspect, she isn't as famous as many others even though she is equally/more talented. She has starred in 1 local Chinese drama so far and is filming another one to be aired in June. Support these natural beauties! 
xoxo. God bless.

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