Tuesday, May 1, 2012


“Your real goal? Live the healthiest life you can enjoy, not the healthiest life you can tolerate. Yes, if you have weight to lose, you’ll have to make changes. But if you change so far from who you are and what you enjoy, odds are that it’s not a sustainable plan. Don't aim for your so-called "ideal" weight; instead aim for what I refer to as your "best" weight, which is the weight you reach when living the healthiest life you can actually enjoy.”

A healthy balance. Isn't that what we've always been taught while growing up? "All things in moderation." But there are just times that we love some things more and some less isn't it? 

This is my struggle. Finding that balance. With teaching in full swing now, I have been so busy that led to me neglecting my meals. I just ate anything and everything I could find around the house to satisfy my raging hunger. Bad. Very bad. 

After gaining 7kg, I told myself I have to lose that same weight with sheer determination and self-motivation. I have been hitting the gym as often as I can, incorporating exercises as often as I can, taking so many healthy supplements but nothing is helping. In fact my body is going through a change I do not understand at all. 

Visited a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner yesterday and it was said there is heat in my intestines. Hence causing all the current problems I'm facing such as breakouts, lethargy, bloatedness and constipation. People don't understand, neither do I. I drink almost 2 litres of water a day, eat tons of vegetables and fruits and unrefined carbo while I can. There must be something missing. Then the same word comes into play again...


In life, I do believe we have to establish a balance in everything that we do. We shouldn't be quick to love or hate, likewise, in choosing our meals and snacks. These have to be planned if you know your body can be a little more troublesome than others. 

I've always LOVED salad but shunned it when people keep stereotyping me to be a person that ONLY eats salad. WRONG. I love Chinese foods like porridge, noodles, Western fish and chips, etc. It is just that I don't write that all over my face. 

I'm going back to the things I love. I am NOT going to care about what others say because I have suffered the damages of being indecisive and not in control. I feel so sluggish everyday if I should say, it is a disgusted expression. 

Home made organic omelette with WeightWatchers cheese, wholemeal toasts with vegan butter and maple syrup, stir fry veggies. This looks so wholesome and delicious right? I finished it all but my body couldn't digest it! So ridiculous!
Salad, soup, rye bread and tea. At Cedele. Remember, food is fuel. What you put in your mouth, how is it going to better your body system/energy levels?
Craving incessantly for sweet beer, had lychee Hoegaarden. I don't care, I just "whack". In the end, I had gastric, bloatedness and all these things. Over restricted diet in the past, over easy now. I NEED THAT BALANCE.

Lastly, always live in love. I am having such a hard time now trying to balance my family and personal life. It hasn't be all that well but I have never once given up on myself, nor has God given up on me. Everything takes effort. But love from my dearest LV is tiding me through a little easier right now.

xoxo. God bless.

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