Saturday, April 21, 2012



Honestly, I did not realize how long I was missing for! My life has never been this busy. Back on the health track. I'm going back to basics. The binge eating has ALMOST stopped. Lets say it happens at most once a week. Everyday I have been taking efforts to find myself again. I have weight to lose, it is not getting off but I know I'm leading a healthy lifestyle with adequate incorporated exercises and clean meals. So as long as I keep to this and keep walking, I know I'll be getting somewhere. It's really hard to keep the faith when you don't see results for the efforts you take. Well as they say, keep moving forward, you're bound to reach somewhere with that instead of back tracking or taking a pause. 

An important thing I'd like to mention today is my favorite meal ever! Which I have been so rebelliously neglecting due to the "hassle" of preparing it. OIAJ! My Oatmeal In A Jar. This you see here, is truly my jar of hearts! I had it one day with soy milk, PB and one lucky duck's raw buckwheat vanilla crispies for toppings. 

What oatmeal does for me is that it stabilizes my sugar levels. I've come to realize that it is a MUST for me to start my day sweet. If I skip breakfast and start with lunch that is the regular veggies and whatever else, then it becomes savory and I tend to nibble/binge on sweet things to find "the taste" my taste buds are desperately searching for. So once I do get that in check, my tendency to binge has decreased greatly. I've gotten instant organic vegan oatmeal for days I am in a hurry. 

Next up, I've been having soups almost everyday, that's about 5-6 times a week. I have always loved soups so by including them in my diet again I find that it satisfies a certain part of me, I don't know what but the hunger pangs decrease greatly. I mean clear soups, usually Chinese, sometimes Thai, Korean or Japanese. 

SPICY. This is such a Singapore term. But spicy has been added to my diet too. It is speculated that including spiciness in our diet (in moderation) is good for controlling hunger pangs as they induce a feeling of "fullness". In my opinion, as spicy food isn't all that good for the stomach/gastric, what it does is that it causes your stomach to release, well, something... and in turn creating mild nausea which most people aren't able to detect hence curbing the desire to further indulge. My go-to spicy foods are all fatal, so I try not to have them too often, instead I go with black and white pepper to heat things up. If you want to know my favorite spicy foods, they are kimchi, tom yum, wasabi and red pepper flavored foods. Extremist. I have always embraced spicy food as a child and even through my teenage years before gastric hit. So I believe incorporating this into my diet also plays a role in satisfying a side of me that yearns for it. 

It's all about being aware. Yes I'm eating eggs now, mostly organic. My favorite way of enjoying them are poached and hard boiled. I have quite a happening second half of the year (proclaims me), so this calls for me to be fit, slim and healthy. I am working towards that. Sure isn't a smooth journey for me somehow but easy does it. No harsh methods. I'm also trying to keep to less than 1,500 calories a day, depending on the fitness regime I adopt for that day. But because I don't do cardio/fat-burning exercises all that often, there isn't a need to over-consume foods to keep me going. I'm fine as I am. 

I really hope to find myself in this space SO VERY often. I like to reflect and use this space to think of how my eating has been. For now, satisfied. 


Tiff said...

Hey there! I chanced upon your blog while I was attempting to find Larabars/Lunabars in Singapore & from you I learnt about Brown Rice Paradise (: I'm really thankful for your blog, & I just wanted to ask you where you purchased your peanut butter in this post? I've been looking everywhere for that brand!

Anyway, I adore your blog <3 I have a get-healthy-and-fit tumblr, & it has really opened my eyes (:


陈达玲 said...

Hi there Tiff!

Thanks. I'm just an average blogger. Anyway, the PB is from Brown Rice Paradise as well. All my nut butters are from there. Peanut butter & co. has lovely PBs whereas Justin's has a really good honey almond butter if you're willing to take a dive with that. All the best and keep it up! Health is a journey, not a destination! :)