Thursday, May 10, 2012

Passion for health

"There is always something good in life to focus on. It takes a ton of willpower to block out the negativity but once you do, you will realize that being sad and angry is just a waste of time when you can be grateful for what has been, what is and what may be."
Don't you find this such a beautiful quote? Well here's the fun part. Try paraphrasing it. I'm sure this can apply to a various range of emotional knots we are facing in life, but since this is a health blog, lets roll with health. 

Yes, WILLPOWER is something that we have to dig up from the pits of ourselves. The hardest part to health is always starting. Your family and friends may not be doing the same, your body may still be craving for that food your mind clearly does not want to digest. So willpower is when you say, I am not like others. I am special. I will do what is best for me. If no one is stopping you then please, don't let you stop you.

Upset that despite your efforts you might not be seeing or reaping full benefits? Keep it up! You have come so far! Be grateful to yourself or the people who may have stood by you. It was not easy, for sure! So waste not any moment on anger and sadness. Rather, keep going, keep going. It may take a month, 6 months to fully see something happening but hey, when you stop, it may take an even longer time. 

I have been taking TCM into a week-ish now. It's effects are so good! I lost about 1kg (I don't know if yesterday's food overload killed that achievement). My digestive system is rocking the house bit by bit. I believe in about 3 to 6 months time I will be reaping the benefits and soaring. 

This morning before going for my facial appointment, I fixed me a quick breakfast at 1030am. Spinach oats infused with organic soy milk, Justin's honey almond butter and topped with One Lucky Duck's raw vanilla crispies. It kept me full till 4pm where I had my "lunch" of 3 slices light wholemeal loaf (palm-sized bread) with vegan butter. I know I'm suppose to share some interesting facts but damn! I've lost the link when my computer crashed. I'll try re-organize my memory to think of what I read.

So this is a latest picture of me when I attended Russell Peters Notorious tour 2012 in Singapore. That was over the weekend. I'm not as slim as before but I'm working at it. You have to love yourself. You HAVE to. It is the first utmost priority for health.

"Passion comes from a guttural want to make it happen for a purpose so strong that it cannot be ignored. It will be so infectious that you will want to do it over and over again."

That is it! Passion, zest and zeal for health, loving wholesome life. Trust me, if you do possess it, there's is NO WAY... definitely positively NO WAY that you can turn back. It's like the love of God if I should draw this analogy with precaution. How do you turn away when you have clearly and evidently experienced the love, grace and goodness of God? I am at slipping point in full honesty but this love I have for God and knowledge of all that He is, is really my pulling point to salvation.

xoxo. God bless.

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